The Woman in Black – Review

As someone who loves horror films I’m quite hard to impress when it comes to the horror genre.  There are so many bad horror films on the market – some which I actually love and some where I’m thinking ‘is this actually happening’?  With the Woman in Black I was unsure which category it was going to fall into after hearing mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it and now want to read the book that the film was based on by Susan Hill.

The first thing that is striking about the film is seeing the main star Daniel Radcliffe playing a character that isn’t Harry Potter and playing the part of an a Dad.  For a change the character he is playing is older than his real age and to start with this did not work for me – it was just too unrealistic but as the film went on he began to mould to the character more.  I think it will be a while before Radcliffe will be able to shake off being Harry Potter completely though.

The film is a 12a but as far as scary imagery goes it should probably be a 15 but due to there not being a lot of violence or sex it obviously doesn’t fit this certificate. It is a ‘jumpy’ horror which most people get kicks out of and for this reason it is probably going to be a hit amongst the masses rather than the hardcore horror fans.

When it comes to horror films it is usually haunting imagery that gets to me the most – you know the kind of image you see and then it is stuck in your head for the rest of the day and you keep expecting to see a ghost staring back at you in the mirror.  The film has tons of scary images and fills you with anticipation about what is going to happen next.

It is more of a supernatural horror/thriller than the gory kind and has its quite a lot of twists but my one problem with the film is that I don’t feel the characters were developed enough. I would have liked to of known a lot more about the ‘Woman in Black’.  However there were a lot of disruptions during my screening due to kids chatting – another reason I would have preferred the film to be a 15 – so it is possible I just did not pick up on some of the information about the character.

As far the story goes it is not the most original of stories but in my opinion there can never be too many ghost stories.

When the film began to draw to a close I had the fear that it was going to be a ‘Shutter Island’ style of ending and this filled me with dread but the ending was surprisingly somewhat original and I think it can be left to interpretation on the viewers part.

If you are interested in the supernatural and scary gothic mansions then it was be up your street and you will enjoy it immensely. If you’re unsure about it then wait until its Orange Wednesday.


Super Skinny VS Normal Size

Everywhere we look these day’s these days the media are telling us that we’re too thin or too fat so it should come as no surprise to hear that a French model has died due to anorexia and another  model is suing their modelling agency for saying she’s too fat. 

But it does still come as a shock.

That is because deep down we know that a person’s worth should not be calculated by their weight and it is really not the most important aspect of their being.

 If we were looking through the eyes of the media it weight would arguably be the most important aspect or at least in the top three aspects but when we look through our own eyes we know there are more important things, like staying alive. 

Issabelle Carro died at age 27 after fighting the illness anorexia for 19 years.  You might recognise Carro from the episode of Super Size VS Super Skinny that she appeared in.  

However she is most famous for the ‘No anorexia’ campaign she took part in.  The photos were taken by controversial photographer Oliviero Toscani and showed Carro’s skeletal frame.  Carro was so far gone with anorexia that she was almost transparent – you could see her vertebrae clearly. On Super size VS Super Skinny she spoke about how it was painful to sit down due to the lack of fat on her bottom.
(Issabelle Carro)

The campaign was launched during fashion week in Milan and was banned by the Italian authorities.  They argued that the advert commercially exploited the illness. 

On the other end of the scales though…

Ananda Marchildon winner for the fourth series of Hollands Next Top Model is suing Elite Modelling Agency on the grounds that they allegedly did not give her the prize money she was entitled to due to her hips being 2cm too big and therefore deeming her ‘too fat’.

Marchildon stands at 6ft and now has hips of 92cm, 2cms above the maximum limit of 90cm; she was sacked by the modeling agency because of this. The average European woman has hips the size of 102.9cm.
(Ananda Marchildon)

The agency argued their case by stating that they are obliged to work with Marchildon “as she looked in the final.”

Dieuwke Levinson-Arps, who is representing Marchildon, claims her client was told by a lawyer working for Elite that she was sacked because “although she has a nice face, she has a fat arse”.

It would appear that in today’s society an anorexic model is not acceptable and a model with hips smaller than the average woman but bigger than the average model is not acceptable.  It no surprise that as many as one in twenty women have eating habits that are cause for concern. 

The media dictates to us what is socially acceptable and at the moment it is an unattainable weight for most women.  If a professional model struggles to maintain this sought after weight and has a “far arse” then what chance does the average woman have?

It is nice to see the recent development by Lingerie Company Ann Summer’s in using plus size models in their window displays.  It will be interesting to see if other stores will follow in their footsteps.

A balance needs to be found between the skeletal arse and the ‘fat arse’ – there is a gap in the market for healthy sized models.  Here’s hoping that some normal sized bums fill it soon.

Lamb of God – Resolution – Album Review

Lamb of God another metal band who has decided to churn out some more metal hits for the masses.  Well maybe not the masses but for those who have a penchant for American groove metal leaning towards the heavier side of the heavy metal scale.

The first single to be released from the album and the first song Lamb of God have released in almost two years Ghost Walking has been a received well by fans. For me the opening riff is a bit too similar to their hit redneck and therefore I feel it should not have been the first single released from the album.  I think this will put people off who are not massive Lamb of God fans though as they might dismiss the album and jump to the assumption that the band are a one trick pony without having listened to the album.

One of the best tracks off the album is The Number Six with its melodic yet screaming lyrics.  It’s one of the few songs that you can actually sing along to easily – for this reason it is my personal favourite off the album.  I like metal you can sing along to.

Insurrection again like The Number Six is one of the less heavy songs off the album.  When you can make out the lyrics you find that the lyrics are deep – When the walls fall around you is when you begin to find.  That the depths you have found have become now too hard to climb. You reconcile your pain in the loneliest refrain”.  In researching the band I came across an article by Loudwire which referred to Randy Blythe (the singer in the band) as an author but on further research I haven’t been able to find anything regarding his writing – inside joke maybe?

Cheated is full of growls and squeals in the typical Blythe style and is combined with fast pace drums and guitar that mimics the rhythm of the vocals.  It is musically and vocally aggressive.

Barbaraosa is an instrumental song build purely on two guitars.  It is a nice piece of music but there is something soothing yet gothically haunting about the song. The acoustic guitar plays steady soothing notes whilst the electric guitar uses distortion to bring a screeching unsettling feeling to the song.  I think it would depend what mood you were in on how you interpreted the song. 

The last track on the album King Me begins with soft acoustic notes on the guitar and spoken lyrics but just under two minutes in the growling vocals and heavy bass, drums and distortion.  Well it isn’t called heavy metal for nothing. The change of tone at the start of the track sets it aside from the other tracks on the album.

Resolution was released under the label Epic in the United States and over here it was released by Roadrunner Records who serve host to some of the most prestigious rock artists such as Slipknot and Kiss.

Blythe recently thanked fans for buying the album via the social network Twitter – Resolution sold 52,000 copies in its first week, debuting at no.3 on the Billboard 200 chart.  The album sold less than the previous album Wrath but Blythe broke the numbers down and presented that the drop in sales isn’t actually as bad the figures make it look and in fact metal fans are incredibly loyal to bands in this economic downturn compared to fans of other genres.

I enjoyed the album a lot more than I had anticipated but when it comes to this genre of metal in general I find it hard to get into because the lyrics aren’t are profound as they are in other types of metal.  However knowing how passionate the band are when it comes to musical politics I do not have any doubt that the lyrics are powerful once  you take the time to look them up.

The album seems perfect for head banging  and if that is what you look for in a band – head banging teamed with a bit of moshing when the occasion rises then you’ll love this album but if you look for a bit more in your metal then look elsewhere.


3 Pill Morning – Take Control – Album Review

After their first album ‘The Side Effects of Chronic Ambition’ 3 Pill Morning returned last year with their second album ‘Take Control’. After years of persistence and hard work, the band are now have national recognition. So far, the album has been a success for the band.

The first single to be released from the album Take Control was ‘Loser’ which made it to #53 on the active rock charts and stayed in the top 100 for over five months, the band looks to build on the success of the album.In addition to radio success, their ‘Loser’ video has been added to 100+ national TV stations & programs. 3 Pill Morning’s music has also been featured on several TV shows including NFL, MTV, Oxygen, and more.

The band has shared the stage with national acts including, Buckcherry, Hinder, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Nonpoint, Default, Trapt, Framing Hanley, Cavo and many more.

The music of 3 Pill Morning has certainly evolved from ‘The Side Effects of Chronic Ambition’ – although I enjoyed the raw quality of their first album – ‘Take Control’ has a more polished feeling to it.

After listening to ‘Loser’, it became rather apparent why the track had been so successful – it is a fantastic track, full of energy and attitude. I actually had to have a quick dance about my room. Dance makes it sound graceful it was more of an unfeminine head bang on my own if anything. The track reminded me of being 13 all over again, back when I listened to a lot of angst-fueled bands like Simple Plan.

The track that had the most impact on me though was ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ for me this song hit a bit of a nerve. “She’s Daddy’s little girl. Living in the world Daddy wants”. I feel this track will speak volumes to the young female followers that 3 Pill Morning have. The track has the potential to have a great emotional impact on people.

As I said previously, this album is different from their first album – not only in the more polished sound, but the style of music appears to have changed slightly also. However, I would not say this is necessarily a bad thing for the band. It would appear that the band has settled down into a style that suits them. The first album felt like it was a mix of variations of more of the same style of rock – almost like an experiment to see what works best for them. They have come up with a winning formula this time.

The band has moved away from the screaming vocals of the first album to a more sweet singing style of vocals, which suits lead singer Jeff’s singing voice.
‘So Good To Leave’ is another great track off the album, but to be honest there were not any tracks on the album that I did not think were good. They all have either emotive lyrics or a beat to dance about to, some of the tracks possessing both.

3 Pill Morning has several national tours planned for the coming year and will release a second single off of Take Control. I would like to see 3 Pill Morning gain some recognition within the United Kingdom (where I live) as I feel they have the potential to gain a lot of fans over here.
The UK rock market for the younger generation is plagued with screamo bands. It would be nice to see the generation below me listening to a band similar to the bands I listened to growing up.

Catastrophe Cosmetic – Facemask – Lush – Review

This is one of my favourite Lush products. It’s in my top three.  I like to chop and change with Lush face masks but this one if my favourite out of them all.  Even though Cupcake smells like chocolate.

The Catastrophe Cosmetic mask is great for spot prone skin and if your skin is feeling particularly sore then this will calm it down.  It is kept in the fridge so it is lovely and cooling on your face. 

  • It contains:
  • Irish moss gel – which softens the skin.
  • Almond oil – to moisturiser – the mask doesn’t dry out your skin like some face masks can.
  • The mask is lilac in colour because of the fresh blueberries that it contains.  The blueberries act as an antioxidant.
  • Rise absolute and chamomile essential oil reduced redness and irritation.
  • Calamine and talc cleanses the skin but without causing puffiness.

The mask leaves the face feeling cool, clear and calm.  It is designed to be used regularly in order to prevent spots.

If this mask does not suit your skin type then I highly recommend any face mask by Lush – if you go into store they will be able to recommend which products will suit your skin type.  Any facial products will be most effective if they suit your skin type so it is important that you find out your skin type.



Body butter – some of the best

I am currently in the fortunate position to have my three favourite body butters – this is what happens when your birthday is just after Christmas.

1.  FCUK – Polished Body Butter

  • Contains cocoa butter, johoba and almond oil.
  • Is a thick cream and leaves the skin feeling slightly oily but leaves the skin looking healthy.
  • Smells great – mandarin and osmanthus flower with creamy vanilla notes.
  • £5.87 at Boots.

2. Soap and Glory – The Righteous Butter

  • Contains shea butter and also vera – for ‘very dry skin’.
  • Is the applied to damp skin.  I usually put it on after a shower or before I go to bed.  If you wear it to bed your sheets will smell of it which is nice.
  • I really like this compared to the other Soap and Glory body butter.  The other one I felt sticky on my skin.  Whereas this one might make you swear ‘you’re wearing velvet’.
  • £10.20 from boots but it is a 300ml tub – so it will last you a while.  If you have dry skin like me then it it definitely a good investment.  Boots usually have 3 for 2 offers also.

3. The Body Shop – Mango Body Butter

  • Contains – Mango seed oil, community fair trade cocoa butter (all body shop products are ethically friendly) and sweet almond oil.
  • It hydrates skin and leaves it soft and smooth.  The exotic mango scent is simply lush.
  • I have used the strawberry and the raspberry body butters in the past but the mango one is my favourite.
  • This one is my favourite body butter but for  a 200ml tub it is £12.50 – so it is a bit more expensive than the other two but a tub usually lasts me over a year. 
  • The body shop do gift sets a lot of the time so you might actually get more value if you buy one of the sets.  The set I got for my birthday had soap, lip butter, shower gel, body scrub and the body butter.  On the website it is £25 – for £10 more you can get all that extra stuff.

All the body butters I have mentioned are of a high standard and work really well with dry skin.  The body shop website can tell you which body butter will suit your skin type though.