The Woman in Black – Review

As someone who loves horror films I'm quite hard to impress when it comes to the horror genre.  There are so many bad horror films on the market - some which I actually love and some where I'm thinking 'is this actually happening'?  With the Woman in Black I was unsure which category it was going [...]


Super Skinny VS Normal Size

Everywhere we look these day’s these days the media are telling us that we’re too thin or too fat so it should come as no surprise to hear that a French model has died due to anorexia and another  model is suing their modelling agency for saying she’s too fat.  But it does still come [...]

Body butter – some of the best

I am currently in the fortunate position to have my three favourite body butters - this is what happens when your birthday is just after Christmas.1.  FCUK - Polished Body ButterContains cocoa butter, johoba and almond oil.Is a thick cream and leaves the skin feeling slightly oily but leaves the skin looking healthy.Smells great - [...]