3 Pill Morning – Take Control – Album Review

After their first album ‘The Side Effects of Chronic Ambition’ 3 Pill Morning returned last year with their second album ‘Take Control’. After years of persistence and hard work, the band are now have national recognition. So far, the album has been a success for the band.

The first single to be released from the album Take Control was ‘Loser’ which made it to #53 on the active rock charts and stayed in the top 100 for over five months, the band looks to build on the success of the album.In addition to radio success, their ‘Loser’ video has been added to 100+ national TV stations & programs. 3 Pill Morning’s music has also been featured on several TV shows including NFL, MTV, Oxygen, and more.

The band has shared the stage with national acts including, Buckcherry, Hinder, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Nonpoint, Default, Trapt, Framing Hanley, Cavo and many more.

The music of 3 Pill Morning has certainly evolved from ‘The Side Effects of Chronic Ambition’ – although I enjoyed the raw quality of their first album – ‘Take Control’ has a more polished feeling to it.

After listening to ‘Loser’, it became rather apparent why the track had been so successful – it is a fantastic track, full of energy and attitude. I actually had to have a quick dance about my room. Dance makes it sound graceful it was more of an unfeminine head bang on my own if anything. The track reminded me of being 13 all over again, back when I listened to a lot of angst-fueled bands like Simple Plan.

The track that had the most impact on me though was ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ for me this song hit a bit of a nerve. “She’s Daddy’s little girl. Living in the world Daddy wants”. I feel this track will speak volumes to the young female followers that 3 Pill Morning have. The track has the potential to have a great emotional impact on people.

As I said previously, this album is different from their first album – not only in the more polished sound, but the style of music appears to have changed slightly also. However, I would not say this is necessarily a bad thing for the band. It would appear that the band has settled down into a style that suits them. The first album felt like it was a mix of variations of more of the same style of rock – almost like an experiment to see what works best for them. They have come up with a winning formula this time.

The band has moved away from the screaming vocals of the first album to a more sweet singing style of vocals, which suits lead singer Jeff’s singing voice.
‘So Good To Leave’ is another great track off the album, but to be honest there were not any tracks on the album that I did not think were good. They all have either emotive lyrics or a beat to dance about to, some of the tracks possessing both.

3 Pill Morning has several national tours planned for the coming year and will release a second single off of Take Control. I would like to see 3 Pill Morning gain some recognition within the United Kingdom (where I live) as I feel they have the potential to gain a lot of fans over here.
The UK rock market for the younger generation is plagued with screamo bands. It would be nice to see the generation below me listening to a band similar to the bands I listened to growing up.


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