Gothic Chic

When faced with the concept of gothic fashion I imagine most people conjure up images of firstly Marilyn Manson, secondly someone resembling a vampire and thirdly a bearded man in baggy jeans and a band t-shirt.  None of these assumptions are necessarily wrong but there is a lot more to gothic fashion than these three [...]



Applying for internships can be a daunting task especially if they are far away from home but in turn if you fail to apply you are bound to feel a bit like a failure yourself.You might be looking for an internship so you can fulfil a ‘year in industry’ as part of your course or [...]

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub – Review

My skin has been super dry recently and extremely itchy and having misplaced my exfoliating glove (something every human male or female should have) I dug out the The Body Shop's Mango Body Scrub I got for my birthday.I have previous reviewed the body butter to go with this scrub: got a gift set with the whole mango [...]

Is Buckfast the modern day Absinthe?

The Victorian era has always been a time that has interested me and has warmed my imagination.  It was a time of great change and development for Great Britain – exciting times indeed.  One thing that did not change much from the Georgian period that preceded it is the peoples love for strong alcohol.   You could [...]

Model Example

There have always been young models and actresses – Shirley Temple would be a prime example of this but the problem nowadays is that the young models and actresses are not made to look like little girls anymore.  They are made look like adults and with this the sexualisation of children becomes a phenomenon.  The [...]