The Cabin in the Woods – Review

I was meant to write this at the start of the week but my dissertation is due in just over a week so I am pretty busy at the moment and not really in a writing mood if I am being honest but I thought I would give a quick review of this little gem.The [...]


Schools out for summer and now its time to rock out but what to listen to?

Summer can be a hard time for us pasty rock chicks - for one the sun is not kind to our complexion but it can also feel a little bit morbid to be walking about on a glorious sunny day with the angry echoes of Slipknot blasting away in your ears. In the sun (it's [...]

An order of Sex and Rock n Roll but No Drugs. Please.

In my lifetime, of a whopping 21 years, there has been a fair amount of drug-related deaths in the music industry - The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold), Paul Gray (Slipknot) and Mike Starr (Alice in Chains).  Just to name a few - you can find a whole list of deaths on here: it is the future [...]

Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – Review

It was my Dad's girlfriend that introduced me to this wonderful product after deciding to give me a mini facial one Christmas whilst I tried to remove my mound of makeup using merely a cleansing wipe.I had heard good things about Liz Earl products but due to being a skint student had not thought too much [...]

Lush – Ultrabland – Review

This was another of the samples I received from Lush a while back.  After the sales assistant mentally noted that I for one complaining about bad skin and two wearing a lot of makeup she decided I needed to try this. She marketed it as more of a makeup remover but it is listed as [...]

Loreal – Gel Intenza Eyeliner – Pure Black

You know when boots do that sneaky three for two deal and you feel like you need to buy three things despite only needing one?   Well that is how I ended up with the Loreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner .  I went in for foundation and came out with a foundation, a powder and this eyeliner.When Maybeline brought out [...]

Bands to Keep an Eye On – The Treatment

The Treatment have over the last month become one of my favourite bands.  After seeing them support Steel Panther,on their Ball's Out tour,I was instantly hooked.  Despite the band's baby faces they play like have been on the rock scene for decades.  Prior to the gig I was told that they were like a 'heavier' [...]