Blusher Wheel – Satin Finish Powder Blusher – Marks and Spencer’s

Marks and Spencer’s is never somewhere I would associate with makeup – to me it is more yummy food and nice lingerie – but they do sell makeup.
I found the Satin Finish Powder Blush on eBay – I just did a general search for a pink blusher and bidding was starting at £0.99.  I think it got it for about £3.  It retails at £9.50.

I have become accustomed to buying Borjois blusher and although it is good blusher I grudge paying £8 for it and I fancied a change.

As you can see it comes in a lovely compact with brush and has three shades of pinks to either mix or wear separate.  I like the idea that with this you can vary your blusher but without having to use a couple different blushers.   There is also a version with more bronze hues for those who enjoy the tanned look or have dark skin.

I usually wear a block colour on my cheeks but after experimenting with a wheel of colour it is something I will be doing a lot more in the future.  Through using different colours you can define your face a lot better and blusher does not look as stripey – if like me you wear loads of blusher!
As you can see from the photo it does have the potential to be a very bright pink blusher but if you did not use as much of the brightest pink colour it would be more subtle.  The nude colour is great to use a highlighter also.

It is a good quality product which makes me think that Marks and Spencer’s makeup might be underrated.  Anyone else had any experience with their makeup?


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