Olay Essentials Daily Face Cloths and Face Scrub

I picked these up in Tesco a while back since they were on the reduced items shelf at under £2.  I didn’t need cleansing cloths but at that price I could not say no.  I also picked up the cleansing scrub for around the same price.

When I usually buy cleansing cloths it is usually of the wipe variety rather than these that you run under the tap to lather them up.  Because you actually use water I have found that your skin feels a lot cleaner than it does when simply using cleansing wipes – there is no sort of residue that you can get with cleansing wipes.  They even remove water-proof mascara.
The cloths are finely textured which serves to exfoliate the skin and they are completely soap free.

The more I use them the more that I think they would be great for a festival because you could wet the cloths with a bottle of water and give your face a proper wash and then just rinse off the soap from the cloth to use it to wash the soap from your face.  Maybe an idea if you are a festival goers like myself.

The matching face scrub is alright – it is not my favorite of face scrubs because the micro beads are really quite small and I do not feel it exfoliates my skin enough.  If you have good skin though then I think this would be a great face scrub.  However what is lovely about it is the smell.  It has that lovely Olay moisturiser smell.  I cannot describe it but its a gorgeous scent and it.  I have just found it on the Superdrug website for £1.42 – so a bargain really considering some face washes are like £5.


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