Skindred – Jagermeister Music Tour – 11/04/12 – Glasgow o2 Academy

When I attend gigs I score them on a number of things but I think the thing that matters the most is the energy of the band and the atmosphere of the crowd -the music aside.  If you go see and a band and it is blatantly obvious that they cannot be bothered being there well in my opinion they would be as well just not being there even if the sound is good.

Reggae metal band Skindred however score very high on all fronts mentioned though – especially energy and adoration.   Front man Benji Webbe appeared on stage looking like a more kitch version of Will.I.Am – dressed nearly all in white and wearing a top hat.   Apparently the man loves to dress up.  The look totally worked for him though and us metal heads know that he is cooler than Will.I.Am.

This was my first time seeing the band and I attended the Jagermeister Music Tour in Glasgow based solely on Skindred headlining and the ticket was only £5.  You can’t even go to the cinema these days for that price never mind see four bands.  The band played besides Black Spiders, Therapyand Yashin.

The band mixed things up a bit by including parts of other people’s songs in their songs and between starting a new song.  Back in Black by AC/DC was the perfect song to use and got the crowd going but Beyonce’s Single Ladies was the most entertaining.  The whole gig was very entertaining watching Benji dancing along to single ladies and cracking the odd joke.  It was fun but delivering a good performance is obviously something the band does take seriously.

Every song sounded amazing live and Benji’s vocals actually surprised me.  I was wondering if his vocals would sound as strong live – they did.  He managed to balance the slick vocals and the heavier metal growls.
The band were also flawless in their performance but at times I feel they were out shadowed by Benji’s massive personality but then again a lot of successful bands are.
I wish I could have gone out after the gig as the music really put me in the mood to party.  Well, that and to go bask in the sun somewhere.   Especially after the Doom Riff with its big carnival drum beats.
Sadly I had to leave the gig early due to having to travel home and missed three of my favourite Skindredsongs but what I witnessed before leaving was nothing short of amazing.  I can’t wait to see them play Download Festival this summer and if you have not seen the band before you should make a point of going see them when you can.

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