Loreal – Gel Intenza Eyeliner – Pure Black

You know when boots do that sneaky three for two deal and you feel like you need to buy three things despite only needing one?   Well that is how I ended up with the Loreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner .  I went in for foundation and came out with a foundation, a powder and this eyeliner.

When Maybeline brought out their gel eyeliner I toyed with the idea of purchasing that but after hearing reviews of it not being terribly good I decided against it but the Loreal one has turned out to be a valuable purchase.

I like my eyeliner for one thing black but I also like it thick and bold.  I try and try to do fine elegant eyeliner but it never turns out that way.  I rock the panda look or raccoon – whichever way you look at it.

The eyeliner comes in a little glass tub and comes with a fine brush to apply it.  This is my first experience of using a gel liner like this and I really like the level of control it allows you to have.
The gel itself is very smooth and the liner glides on.  I have experimented using the liner on the eyelid, flicks, on the eye line and under.  It works effectively on all areas but I mainly use it to line the eyelid like it is worn in the above photo.
You do not need to use much each time and therefore I think it will last a good amount of time.  The only problem I have found with the liner is that it takes a little while to try and if you open your eye too early you end up with that dreaded black line on your eyelid.  It smudges really easy when not dry so it is best to keep your eye closed for as long as possible to allow it to dry.
I feel that in this eyeliner I have found everything I have been searching for in eyeliners – its smooth, its super black and it has stay power.


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