An order of Sex and Rock n Roll but No Drugs. Please.

In my lifetime, of a whopping 21 years, there has been a fair amount of drug-related deaths in the music industry – The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold), Paul Gray (Slipknot) and Mike Starr (Alice in Chains).  Just to name a few – you can find a whole list of deaths on here:

However it is the future that I fear for rock n roll and one rocker in particular springs to mind – Marilyn Manson.  I have been following Manson’s career since I was about 11 years old.  I was still at primary school and the man that I see these days is a shadow of the great rock star that he used to be.

I first seen Manson in December 2007 and he was wonderful but then I seen him again at Download Festival in the summer of 2009 and he was booed off stage.  He forgot the lyrics, he was getting an oxygen mask put on between songs and he didn’t quite know if he wanted to wear his jacket or not.

It was clear that although the UK is rather frosty at times it was snowing more on Manson’s flight to the UK.

Not looking his best at Download 2009.
Although I was terribly disappointed at the time I empathised with Manson a little – after all he was going through a hard time after the beautiful Dita Von Teese left him but six years later he still has not got his act together.
Eat Me Drink Me was a great album and really oozed what Manson was feeling at that moment but then The High End of Low which despite its great title was utterly horrendous.  I expected this to be the angry record.  What we got though was more of Manson whining but this time it had no soul.  The drugs were obviously not liking Manson very much but he appears to be liking them for a change.
He returned this year and although I have fell in love with both Born Villain and No Reflection – the first two singles from the new album coming out on May 1st. However after viewing live footage of Manson accompanied by Johnny Depp on stage, at the Golden God’s Award Show,  it is very clear that Manson is still on the drugs and live his vocals sound terrible but he does remember the words – which is a start.
He does not sing and he does not shout he just seems to screech.   I honestly feel that in the next two year we could be commiserating more than a bad album but the end of an era.  The end of the golden age of grotesque and the end of Marilyn Manson.
Whether it will be drugs or whether it will be suicide I do not know but what I do know is that if Manson does not clean his act up the future is not going to be good.  I’m aware that most rock stars dabble in drugs and that is their personal choice but when it starts to affect their career I think they need to take check and remember that although it might be the only thing getting them out of bed and on to the stage the fans do not want to see someone they idolise in that state. 
Manson has the potential to make a come back and return to the top of the rock scene where he truly belongs.  Manson is rock royalty and the self-proclaimed ‘God of Fuck’ and his material is probably the best he has produced since Holy wood but we will just need to see if Born Villain lives up to expectations and if Manson lays off the drugs in time for his upcoming trip to the UK in July to play the 02 Academy, London. 

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