Newton Faulkner – Interview – Oran Mor – 24/05/12

I enter the room through an old wooden door directly opposite me as the lift doors open – this is strange in itself but on entering the room I find Newton Faulkner messing about with a grammar phone.  It was not what I expected but it was delightful.  He then spent a good ten minutes telling me enthusiastically about this digital grammar phone he had purchased in Dundee and playing mixes of his new track which was actually really impressive.  Both the grammar phone and the track.

Musicians often have reputation of being pretentious and a bit egotistic – which is obviously due to the behaviour of some musicians out there – but Faulkner did not come across like this at all.  If anything he came across as warm and genuine in everything he said.   When he spoke of his new E.P and upcoming album is was more with a tone of passion and excitement than of trying to plug it.

He was happy to talk of other artists,his life in general and even gave me some advice for other writers out there.

All in all Faulkner is a musician right at his core and the genuineness shines through both in his music and personality.

How has the tour been so far for you?

NF: It has probably been by far the hardest tour I have done at all like previously the tour has been enough like I’ve had gigs every night and all I have had to do is focus on that.  I have basically been finishing the album whilst touring so it has been insane.  So I have been coming off stage and listening to mixes. 
The worst night I think I sent my last e-mail at 3.30 and I had played two hours that night. I was knackered. It has been mental but it has been incredibly productive.  The album I think is probably going to be finished today.  I should get the final master through any minute.   I’ll need to listen to that through the grammar phone – eh, that’s amazing. 
How have the fans been reacting to your new material?

NF: The thing with the gigs it has been pleasantly surprising the amount of new stuff people have been allowing me to play cause I wrote my kind of dream set-list and it had most of the album on it and I kind of thought that I would use that as a starting point and I would chisel it down to find peoples new kind of song threshold. Um, and I haven’t changed it.
The new stuff is going down as well if not better in some places, it’s amazing.

I assume that is an amazing feeling?

NF: Most definitively – it’s wicked.

Tell me about your latest E.P Sketches.

NF: It has had no press, like nothing at all and it was taking on the other stuff around it. 

What was the inspiration behind releasing Sketches before the new album?

NF: I guess it was just scratchy demos and ideas that I just chucked together and put out just to get people used to a few new songs.  Another vehicle for getting other tracks out that are not on the album – which I am doing more and more.  
I wrote so much stuff for this album and we kind of chiselled away at it until it was at its most robust.  It is so solid in the form and there are no weak spots it doesn’t dip at any point.  It is really intense like a power album.  I’m really pleased.  There are no holes in it. 
I’ve done very long albums in the past as well.  The second one was two long for me.

VM:  I noticed that Rebuilt by Humans was a particularly long album.

NF:  It’s not far off being an hour long – that’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t really do that.   That was naughty of me.

VM:  At least they were all good songs though.

NF:  But yeah I am really proud of what is on this one.

The album title is Write It on Your Skin – what was your idea behind that.

NF: It came out of the lyrics.  I had the verse for ages.  I wrote the verse and I wrote the whole thing in kinda one…I sang the whole verse, I didn’t think about it.  I wasn’t trying to play anything or write anything.  I just sat down and went *sing’s chorus*.  I kind of rattled off the whole verse and went ‘that was quite good.  I should write that down’.  
I had the verse for so long but I could not find a chorus that would work with it. Em, but the whole thought process came from a conversation I had the night before about going back to being a child but with the knowledge now and how you deal with people – knowing the kind of power you have as a child.  How it would be if you knew how the system worked.
It was kind of based, or loosely based on, starting again with all the knowledge that you have got now and how you approach things differently.

Linking in nicely do you think your song-writing and music has changed since you became a father?

NF: Yeah, I’m sure it has.  It changes part of your brain…hugely. It just gets rid of it kind of seems to, I’m a relatively new father so this phase, but it kind of seems to get rid of selfishness.  It’s not about you anymore.
You’ve got something like that big (shows how big his son is) that relies on you for everything. Any thought of self goes out the window a bit because he is going to want to go to college but it’s weird it kind of I thought it might make me more kind of lenient in terms of stuff that I know would work but doesn’t feel quite right.  It’s done the complete opposite.  I have taken no shit on this album.  I’ve been so brutal with everything and everyone because this is kind of part of my thought process, and I know how irrational this is, but I think that if I let something go on this album that isn’t as good as it could be then someone is going to play it to him in the playground and say -‘this is your Dad – it’s shit.  I’m going to beat you up’ and that is kind of where my head goes.
I guess before if I did something that was close but not quite right the only person it really impacted on was me – like no one else had to live with it or deal with it but now suddenly everything I do and everything that I have done is passed on to this completely helpless tiny thing. So if I do bad things he’ll have to live with. So, I’ve been really brutal.  I’ve caused all sorts of trouble with this album.  It’s been fun.

Was there ever a point when you felt your music career was not going to work out?

NF: It kicked off quite surprisingly and I was just kind of gigging, getting on with it, but I didn’t think the first thing I did would go to number one.  That’s ridiculous. Yeah, I don’t think so. As soon as I got into it I knew I was going to be doing it in some form for a very long time.
Like whatever happens radio is such a tricky target but that you kind of aim at it and hope for the best and if you don’t get it you don’t and if you do then brilliant but the live thing has been so consistent and so good to me that I think I have reached the point now that I could probably tour in variant forms for the rest of my career even if I never released anything.  That’s a really useful nugget of knowledge *Sigh of relief*.  But you can keep pushing yourself and obviously I am pushing myself to write better songs and do other covers and strange pieces of dance music.

Any advice for young writers in regards to writing and writers block?

NF: I had quite a rough time since I first signed the publishing deal – I didn’t write anything for about six months.  Luckily I held back enough material to be able to snake my way through playing stuff that was really old but telling them I had just wrote it.  The hardest bit for me was switching from being completely fun to being a job – it’s such a massive mental leap. 
Sings – ‘This is what I do for fun when no one is about’ and then suddenly you are being paid and you have to do it right now. It just killed it for me. It took me a while to get my head round that one.  So I am being paid to do what I do for fun but now I can’t do it because I am being paid. It was very hard – very annoying.
Advice wise I think just as things get bigger the decisions get trickier and there are all sorts of weird things with people trying to make you do stuff that you don’t want to do.

VM: What Kind of things?
NF: Even down to songs and kind of stuff that you know isn’t the best you can do but has something that makes it really current and someone is like ‘that should be the first thing you release’.

VM:  Is there a lot of pressure like that?
NF: It’s huge, there is loads of stuff. I think it is probably different when you are in a band because the whole band can be like ‘were not doing that’ but it’s just me going ‘I don’t think I want to do that. That’s weird. No to that’. A lone entity (does sad face).

Do you ever wish you did have a band?

NF:  Sometimes I wish I had a band live because literally I would have to do a quarter of the work – playing a drum with one foot, bass with the other foot well doing percussion and playing as much as I possibly can on guitar but it would be seriously easy.
I did try I had a bass player and drummer, it was really fun, and it added a lot of sonic stuff but it took away a couple of things.  I think part of it was the communication thing. When I am completely on my own though I am so free I can stop in the middle of songs and mess around to just do whatever I want but if you have a band then you tend to stick to it a bit more.
But the way things are at the moment the set has been fluctuating from an hour an forty to two hours depending on how random things get. It’s really weird I tend to do the opposite of most people – most people when they get really tired will do a slightly shorter set so they can save themselves for the rest of the tour – when I was at my most tired I did over two hours and I think it was because all my filters had gone. 
Whatever I thought just happened – ‘Oh you shouldn’t really be doing that.  You’ve played nine extra songs’.

Somehow we managed to get on to talking about the band System of a Down.

NF: They’re so good and I feel they are kind of underrated for some reason. I thought they brought a lot to the table and in to a genre that kind of fluctuates from terms of crazy.  It does occasionally dry up a bit and you’re like ‘is that all metals got’. Occasionally something sneaks through and you’re like ‘woah ok that is a new level’ I kind of think that they did that but this was years ago. I always like it when stuff that is a bit weird and a bit left breaks through – it was getting radio play – they were like *sings* “Wake up. Wake up”.

Are there any songs you feel about that way at the moment?

NF: Well that Gotye track that has knocked through that’s quite left.  It’s quite Peter Gabriele and for that to do what it’s done and it kind of wows when something like that happens *sigh* people actually like different things.  They just aren’t being given the option most of the time. 

NF: Pauses to show off his grammar phone enthusiastically to the people working at Oran Mor.

Your music is quite regularly associated with summer would you say this is a fair association and do you enjoy playing your music in an outside environment?

NF: Yeah, I love it.  I probably underestimated how linked I had become with summer.  Actually one thing that really highlighted it for me was when I moved into a new house and I had been there for months but the sun hadn’t shined it had been raining the whole time. I had been walking past the same people in the corridor and as soon as the sun came out someone went ‘Are you Newton Faulkner?’ –  it was like it couldn’t be me if it was raining. 
I think that was part of the trouble we had with the second album because it got pushed back because of my wrist and ended up being released just after summer. I don’t think anyone knows who I am in the winter.
I think the new stuff is still really summery. It’s driving – driving in the summer. Especially this new one even more so that the first. The first one was kind of sitting the background and barbecuing.  This one is slightly more arm out the window.  Which is weird because the first one is kind of a surf album and this one is kind of a driving album.  I can’t do either of those. I should probably write about something I know about like a walking album  or a sitting down album. 

Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix on Victoria by Nails Inc

A girl can never have too many nail-polishes well that is what I tell myself.  My post-dissertation spending spree involved buying two Models Own nail-polishes since they were 2 for £8 or £5 for one – seemed a shame to not buy too.

I have been in the market for a while for a nice basic glitter nail-polish so when my magpie eyes seen the Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix polish from Models Own I knew it had to be mine.

I would find myself going into Boots after work to look at and then deciding that I couldn’t validate spending £8 on nail polish but my dissertation provided me with an excuse.

As you can see its a nice multi-coloured glitter with golds, blues, greens and a slight hint of lilac.  The glitter pieces are not equally shaped so the bigger pieces catch the eye.  Different from the typical glitter polishes that cover the whole nail – with this polish you can still see the base polish.

 Here it is modelled by my flatmate Victoria of Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding on Victoria from Nails Inc – whole lot of Victoria going on here but in my biased opinion that is never a bad thing.

When I first bought the polish I tried it on a coral polish and it was all a bit too much and the harshness of the coral overpowered the glitter.  It definitely works better on darker polishes.  I have been wearing it on a dark teal green and it works really well on that and it works well on the dark reds like Victoria by Nails Inc. No.7 and Collection 2000 do a colour very similar and cheaper to Victoria.
The polish its self has good lasting power and does not chip too easily but does take a little while to dry and I would advise on doing two coats but allowing one to fully dry first before applying the second coat other wise it just becomes gloopy. 
Models Own have a variety of glitter polishes at the moment and I prefer them to the Barry M glitter polishes.  I will next be reviewing Magenta Divine on Wellington Street by Nails Inc.  

I Don’t Like the Drugs But Your Album is All Right. Born Villain Review. World Goth Day Post.

The highly anticipated album Born Villain from the self-proclaimed God of Fuck Marilyn Manson has finally landed but with only a subtle bang.  Despite the hype about film-star Johnny Depp making a guest appearance on the cover track You’re So Vain

I had high hopes for this album after the disaster that was the album The High End of Low but Born Villain although good in parts still feels slightly disappointing. The feeling is similar to going for a hot bath but the water not being warm enough in the end. At first you endure it but then you just feel disappointed.

At best I would describe the overall album as all right but it is very clear in listening to Manson’s somewhat slurred  vocals that the drugs are still very much in his life.  It was definite lie when he said he didn’t like the drugs.  

However the album does have some stand out tracks and there is a clear influence of his past album from on this album which returns the punch to Manson’s music but I have yet to work out if he has drew inspiration from past work to get his music back on track or whether he simply got lazy. 

I still feel that this album should have been turned up a notch further to compensate for the last album.

But at least Manson appears to have stopped drowning on about how bad his life is and has returned to his angst fuelled sexed up style of music that he is renowned for. On saying that though the album does open with a track named ‘Hey Cruel World’ so it is clear that he still is not letting go of his past and some of the tracks such as ‘You’re so Vain’, ‘Disengaged’ and ‘The Gardner’ would appear to be taking a hit at ex-wife Dita Von Teese.

“She is still growing

Its like a garden with two flowers

One just blooming and casting a shadow

Just like yours

Then it becomes struggle

Of sunlight

Or rain

Or weeds

She and every she

Is doomed to be your idea of her”. – The Gardner

Notable tracks on the album are the emotion fuelled Breaking the Same Old Ground which opens with sombre lullaby akin notes which on listening to the song appear to represent putting a relationship sleep.  Although the High End of Low was full of sadness I think this is the first track where Manson sounds genuinely sounds hurt.

Pistol Whipped see’s a return of Manson using sex in his music.  A formula that has always worked for him in the past and excited women world over.

I wouldn’t say there is an obviously terrible track on the album but it is more that in parts Manson’s vocals sound sloppy and as a musician who’s talent is based upon his vocal quality he cannot afford to be sloppy with this.  Like I have said in my previous two posts about Manson I wish he would simply lay off the drugs for a while and stop letting himself and his fans down. 

Lush – Seanik – Solid Shampoo Bar – Review

I have pondered the wonder of the solid shampoo bar for a long time, always humming and hawing about whether to actually purchase one, despite being told they last longer than a typical bottle of shampoo.  After I handed my dissertation in I decided to treat myself.  I would usually reach for a nice soapy bubble bar but my flat has no bath.
There are a few different bars to choose from but I went with Seanik because as the name suggests it smells like the sea and it contains sea-salt which I was told by the lady in Lush is good for volume – something my hair badly lacks – it is as limp as a bit of seaweed. 

As you can see it looks a little bit like a blue macaron. 

Other ingredients are: 

  • Irish Moss and Nori Seaweed – to soften the hair.
  • Lemon Oil – for shine.
  • Mimosa Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute and Jasmine Absolute – for a light fresh feeling.

The bar works just the same way a bar of soap does and does not take much to get lathered up and you really do not need to use a lot of it in your hair.  I always wash my hair twice but when using this you could easily only wash your hair once because it gives you hair such a deep cleanse but it does leave your hair feeling a bit too squeaky clean in texture so I use my typical conditioner afterwards but if you don’t use conditioner you will probably see the benefits such as volume more. 

It would be handy if you travel about a lot as it takes up a lot less room than a bulky bottle of shampoo and I would be good for a festival I am considering taking mine to Download Festival so help get all the dirt out of my hair!

I would like to use it with a condition from Lush such as American Cream as I have been told that is is really good for dry hair. Anyone any experience of Lush conditioners?


The Pie That Did Not Rise.

Considering we have been waiting near on ten year for another American Pie film, when I say American Pie I am choosing to ignore the crap films that came out with the same title but failed to live up to the three originals, you would expect a show stopping film.  A final film to either top all that has come before it or round everything neatly off.  For me the film did neither of these things.

It was lukewarm apple pie. It’s all right at the time but you know it could be better.

Sure there were funny bits and the typical American Pie shock factor was there but there was nothing new.  It was basically the humour from the last three films regurgitated and it just felt awkward.

The working title is American Reunion but the actual reunion part of the film does not captivate.  There was very little emotion in the film.  There were parts that should have been quite emotional and considering I’m a hormonal woman I think this makes me a good judge of this but these parts were more ‘meh’ than ‘grab the hankies’.

When I think of reunion films I think of Romy and Michelles High School Reunion – a cheesy yet great film. What makes that film so great is that you can relate to it but with American Reunion I did not feel I could relate.  At parts I felt sorry for some of the characters but the feeling was nothing overwhelming.

The makers did not seen to go down the same road that Adam Sandler did with Grown Up’s either – a film who’s humour is based on being older and not a kid any more – it worked with this film but with American Reunion I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. A lot of the laughs were more awkward than genuinely side-splitting funny.

I was really excited for this film but the reason I was excited was because I wanted to see where the characters had ended up.  I wanted to see Jim and Michelle with their kid – tackling parenthood and Finch doing something exciting but what I got was Jim and Michelle’s struggling marriage and a naked teenage girl.

There was so much that could have been done with this film but it just fell flat.  The pie did not rise and therefore it was not a winning recipe and nothing memorable


Cocoa Butter VS Rescue Oil For Stretch Marks.

A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid which resulted in my rapidly gaining weight and not being able to do very much about it other than panic and cry.  As if this was not bad enough the rapid weight gain meant that I ended up with stretch marks all over my stomach.  There will be women with children out there who do not have stretch marks as bad as mine.  Big, red and angry stretch marks.  Unsightly to say the least but also very itchy.

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched quickly over a short period of time – most commonly during growth spurts and pregnancy.  There are not uncommon but when they are red in tone rather than white they can be rather upsetting. I know I am not alone in this one.

I was never a big believer in creams for the likes of stretch marks but people kept telling me to try Bio-oil so I picked up the cheaper alternative of Rescue Oil.  The ingredients in the two do seem to be very different but I have found Rescue Oil quite effective.  If you have used Bio-oil let me know if it is any good.  When I get my first job after university I may treat myself to the more expensive alternative.

On searching for a photo of Rescue-oil I found a review saying that Rescue Oil is the watered down version of Bio-Oil and even though Rescue Oil does improve the look of stretch marks it will take longer to do this than Bio-Oil.

Rescue Oil is around £2.99 but Bio-Oil is about £8.00.  So in a sense you get what you pay for here.

As the name suggests it is oil based which I thought I would dislike as I don’t like greasy lotions but it absorbs into the skin really easy and dries quickly.  I usually put it on after a shower and by the time I have got to my room it is near enough absorbed into the skin.  It contains peach kernal so it smells oddly nice.

When it comes to any sort of beauty product I like variation.  I never buy the same shower gel or shampoo consecutively after one finishes.  I will always buy a different one, so when my Rescue Oil finished I decided to try Palmers Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks.

I have used the original Cocoa Butter in the past but this was my first time using the one specified for Stretch Marks.  It does not smell any different from Cocoa Butter which is nice – lovely chocolatey smell.  Brings some smiles to a rubbish situation.  I felt with this though that it sits on the skin more than the Rescue Oil.  You need to give it some time to dry in before putting your clothes on and therefore I preferred using this product at night but it did see some good results with it but I wouldn’t say the results were any better than with the Rescue Oil.

 I got this in Body-Care for just under £5 so a bit more expensive that Rescue Oil but still less than Bio-Oil.  It does last longer than Rescue Oil though and therefore once my current bottle of Rescue Oil is finished I will be purchasing another bottle of this unless I decide to try an alternative.  During research for this post I came across a Johnson’s Stretch Mark cream but I have not seen it in stores so I will need to investigate this further.

I would rate both products 4/5 as although they do help sooth the stretch marks and make them a bit more sightly they are no miracle creams but if you have problems with stretch marks I would suggest picking up something for them, if anything to try and prevent more from appearing.

Slutwalk – Part One of Two- Why it is Important

In society women have always been judged on their whether they look good by men and other women but in today’s society women are now being judged due to their appearance in a whole other way.

The title of this post will either ring familiarity or you will be wondering what exactly ‘Slutwalk’ is – and no it is not a strip club you visited – it is in fact a protest against the view in society that those that are subject to sexual attack are to blame due to their ‘slutty clothing’. 

After completing a dissertation on sexualisation I would define ‘slutty clothing’ as being clothing that holds potential to command sexual attention through either showing a lot of flesh or through drawing attention to sexual features.  

Of course dressing provocatively does not automatically mean that you want to draw attention to yourself or are sexually promiscuous but some people like the Toronto Police would argue that by dressing this way you run the risk of being victimised. 

“Women should stop dressing like sluts to avoid being victimised”. 

This attitude certainly did not impress the women of Toronto and women across the world soon followed suit by expressing their disgust.  

Crimes of a sexual nature already go highly unreported and to think that the police hold this view certainly does not encourage women to come forward and report the atrocities that they have fell victim of. Emphasis on the word Victim. 

According to research by Surrey University in the UK 70-90% of rape’s go unreported and 94% of reported cases do not end in conviction.  There is something seriously wrong with this and this is where Slutwalk comes in. 

“We are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result. Being in charge of our sexual lives should not mean that we are opening ourselves to an expectation of violence, regardless if we participate in sex for pleasure or work. No one should equate enjoying sex with attracting sexual assault”.

The aim of Slutwalk is to make ‘our’ voices heard and to demand respect and rights for victims of sexual assault but most importantly it is to make a unified statement that the ‘survivor’ is not to blame. 

Slutwalk’s are taking place all over the world and there are two happening in my country of Scotland – Glasgow and Edinburgh.  If you want to get involved the second part of this post will detail how you can get involved but in the mean time you can check out:  The Facebook Page and to find out more about the cause The Official Website

A Stereotypical Girls Review of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

It was the boy’s birthday this week so we went to see Marvel’s Avengers Assemble despite all the hype it was not a film I was that fussed about going to see but after seeing it I am glad I did.  It is without a doubt one of the best films of the year.

Before the film I knew very little about any of the characters since as far as superhero’s are concerned I am a Batman fan and even at that I do not claim to know everything about Batman.  So I am not going to pretend I know loads about The Avengers.  I don’t.

(Sometime’s I am too cool)

The most I know is how fabulous Scarlett Johansson’s curves are and that I despised Tony Stark in the first Iron Man film.  His arrogance annoyed me and I felt sorry for Pepper – typical female reaction to the film – but he grew on me during the second film and his character was amazing in The Avengers.

Stark’s character a lot of the humour in the film and I feel the humour in the film is what gives the film its oomph.  His humour is largely based on his arrogance but once you get used to the fact he is super arrogant it becomes funny.

Usually superhero films have the odd line that makes you chuckle but this film was packed with funny one-liners, throughout.  Most of what I recall from the film is the funny one liners and of course the fact that most of the male cast are very handsome. There is a man for all types of women in this film I’d say.  For me it is the tall, dark and handsome Iron Man – the fact he has a Black Sabbath T-shirt is just the icing on the cake and. also created my favourite reference in the film.

The other members of the Avengers Assemble: Captain America, The Hulk (I didn’t even realise he was in the film until he turned green), Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye I knew basically nothing about them prior to the film but lack of knowledge didn’t make the film any less great however I suspect there is a lot of jokes I simply did not pick up on.

The film is heavily action based but its’s not a boring action film.  Its the one film genre that I am not a massive fan of – all the fighting and special effects are lost on me but despite being heavily action based it still manages to captures the imagination and I didn’t switch off when all the fighting started.

The characters are well developed, in such a short space of time I might add, that you actually care what happens to them and in line with most super hero films there are elements of real life in both the characters and the story.  There are real life bad guys and real life good guys and the two will always have conflict – and the normal people like you and I will always want the good guy to ‘save the world’.

In real life this does not always happen and in this current world spread economic downturn it is nice to see the good guys overcoming evil.  It is nice to see some colour in a rather grey world.


The Sammus Theory – Trusting The Liar – Review for Emurg

From the hot and arid landscape of Phoenix, Arizona emerges the hard rock act The Sammus Theory who aims to fix all that they feel is wrong with today’s music.  They believe that too many bands and musicians have lost the ability to inspire and leave an impression that lasts. In an age of fleeting interests and ‘here today’ but ‘gone tomorrow’ bands, it would seem that most acts are lacking all the pieces of the puzzle required to formulate the modern day successful rock band.
Some may view this as arrogant, but in all fairness they have every reason to be. Their album is a sweet recipe of infectious melodies that ultimately get stuck in your head – I should know having had the album on repeat all day.  With saying that, the album does not get boring – even when it is on repeat. The genre may be metal but it is easy listening metal.  You can keep focus on work with it in the background whereas you probably would struggle doing this with some other heavier metal bands.
Weaving the likes of bands such as Tool, Breaking Benjamin, Seether and Puddle of Mudd, they bring their own unique sound into the gritty, musically solid style. The Sammus Theory has found a winning formula that is knocking their fans over.
With an effortless finesse topped with raw, unbridled energy, The Sammus Theory perform like a group of seasoned road veterans who have been touring for decades. They captivate, drawing the crowd in with their on-stage personas and leave the audience wanting more after they’ve gone.  The band has toured relentlessly for the last four years and has no plans to quit. They have shared the stage with big names like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Stone Sour, and Shinedown.
Commercially, The Sammus Theory has been a featured artist on MTV2 with a video airing nation-wide daily during regular hours and on “Rock the Deuce” since march of 2008.
Trusting the Liar is the third album from the band and has a more refined sound that the first two albums album. It feels like the band have perfected their sound and you can hear it in their music.
The song that stands out for me on the album is “Pedestal”, which has a good balance of intense riffs mixed with melody.  Part of the song feels rather intense and you can hear that in both the grueling lyrics and repetitive strings – kind of like the Jaws theme but scarier. Obviously, this is metal were talking about.
“Trusting the Liar” the title track follows “Pedestal” and the order of songs could not be more spot on.  This is the perfect track to follow.  It begins with soft piano notes which contrast from the previous song, bring a chilled out feel.  However, there are sections of screaming vocals, but they complement the overall impassioned tone of the song.
I really enjoy the way The Sammus Theory mixs up their style in the songs.  They do not stick to solely screaming or melodic vocals but uses them both in a way that completely works.
The plucking guitar chords in “Falling Down” sound a little bit country in the same style that Seether sometimes sound a little bit country. It is a style that flaunts Hugh’s vocal range and allows the band to showcase their musical talents.
“In Line” is  rather angry, sporting the line “you better watch your fucking back”.  But, I imagine this is one of the most popular tracks with their fans because – have we not all felt like that?  Those seething sorts of rage that you just cannot let sink to the bottom without getting it off your chest. The drums are pivotal with crashing symbols – they really bring presence to the song.
It is definitely an album to stick on your ‘albums to listen to’ list. Being British, I never heard of the band before this review, but I feel that their sound would be welcomed over here – especially with the recent success of bands like Mastodon.  I will be keeping an eye on their progress and hopefully they make their way across the ocean so I can see them live.