The Pie That Did Not Rise.

Considering we have been waiting near on ten year for another American Pie film, when I say American Pie I am choosing to ignore the crap films that came out with the same title but failed to live up to the three originals, you would expect a show stopping film.  A final film to either top all that has come before it or round everything neatly off.  For me the film did neither of these things.

It was lukewarm apple pie. It’s all right at the time but you know it could be better.

Sure there were funny bits and the typical American Pie shock factor was there but there was nothing new.  It was basically the humour from the last three films regurgitated and it just felt awkward.

The working title is American Reunion but the actual reunion part of the film does not captivate.  There was very little emotion in the film.  There were parts that should have been quite emotional and considering I’m a hormonal woman I think this makes me a good judge of this but these parts were more ‘meh’ than ‘grab the hankies’.

When I think of reunion films I think of Romy and Michelles High School Reunion – a cheesy yet great film. What makes that film so great is that you can relate to it but with American Reunion I did not feel I could relate.  At parts I felt sorry for some of the characters but the feeling was nothing overwhelming.

The makers did not seen to go down the same road that Adam Sandler did with Grown Up’s either – a film who’s humour is based on being older and not a kid any more – it worked with this film but with American Reunion I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. A lot of the laughs were more awkward than genuinely side-splitting funny.

I was really excited for this film but the reason I was excited was because I wanted to see where the characters had ended up.  I wanted to see Jim and Michelle with their kid – tackling parenthood and Finch doing something exciting but what I got was Jim and Michelle’s struggling marriage and a naked teenage girl.

There was so much that could have been done with this film but it just fell flat.  The pie did not rise and therefore it was not a winning recipe and nothing memorable



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