Best of British – Jubilee Beauty Special

1.  Soap and Glory and their charming products. 

A fairly new company only beginning in 2006 but is one that will be staying for a long time.  All products come in beautiful pink packaging with black and white photo’s on them.  Very 1950’s.  

The products range from the face wash I will review below to a make-up range that was launched last year.

Face Soap and Clarity – £6.13.

I have been using product since December 2011 at least once a day and it still is not finished.  I usually grudge spending over £3.00 on a face wash but I was defiantly be buying this again in the future since it lasts that long and is a good quality face wash.

The wash has a non-drying formula and contains superfruit plum skin brightening complex – so no squeaky  textured skin.  

The reason this product lasts so long is because of how little of it you need to use at a time.  Unlike some face washes that say ‘use a pea-sized amount’ and you end up needing to use a lot more this one you really do only need a ‘pea-sized amount’.

2.  Johnson’s Baby and their Baby Wipes. 

 A staple in any festival-goers luggage and a necessity for anyone with a baby.  When people think baby wipes they think Johnson’s because they have the reputation of being the best.  The wipes contain no alcohol so will not dry out your skin and are made of 97% pure water with just a touch of baby lotion. I occasionally buy a packet of these rather than cleansing wipes as they do the job just as good and at £2.39 for a pack of 64 you can’t complain there.

3.  N-spa and their indulgent beauty products.

This company do the most decadent bubble bath perhaps ever – such as gingerbread latte and hot butter fudge bath – and for this reason are one of my favourite British beauty companies.  The N in N-Spa stands for Nirvana and this is an apt description.  The bubble baths are great for winding down after a stressful week as they smell so great and leave your skin feeling moisturised.  

As the name suggests there is an actual spa but I have not been to it but the bubble baths make you feel like you have been at a spa for a little while.  I have used their bubble baths, body scrubs and a lovely mint foot cream of theirs.  Everything I have used has been top quality and lasts a while.  Body Scrubs start at £2 which is great considering some body scrubs cost £8.  

4.  Nails Inc – Nailing Britain’s Nail Needs.

A regular in my blog posts and one of my favourite nail companies due to their high quality nail polish.  I have tried so many nail polishes over the years including Chanel and I’m not afraid to say that an expensive nail polish does not make a good nail polish.  However Nails Inc even though a little bit expensive at on average £8 a polish do provide a well lasting nail polish.  The polish is thick enough so that you only need one coat and there are so many amazing colours to chose from. 

Being British a lot of the polishes are named after London streets and for the Jubilee there is a special edition glitter nail polish of red, white and blue.

5. Original Source – Natural Showering.

All Original Source products are made from natural ingredients and they smell wonderful.  The Jubilee edition to Original Source contains no other than the famous British fruit – the strawberry – to make your mouth water and your skin smell like an afternoon at Wimbledon but if Strawberry is not for you then there is a wide range of other scents such as mint and tea-tree. 


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