The Dark Knight Rises – Review – No Spoliers

As much as I would love to chat endlessly about what happens in The Dark Knight Rises I am not going to be that person that ruins the film for someone but if you do want to chat about it add me on twitter: @glampire_x.  My excitement for this film cannot even be expressed.  I booked tickets [...]


TRESemme – Split Mend Treatment – Review

This was another sample I received from Latest in Beauty and it is one that I have seen about the blogsphere over the last couple of weeks.When it comes to shampoo TRESemme is not a brand I like based on the stupid reason that I like to change my shampoo frequently and TRESemme comes in massive [...]

No Doubt about it. They are back.

No Doubt have finally returned on to the scene after a whopping ten year hiatus which makes me feel really old.  I was aged ten or eleven when, Rock Steady, the last No Doubt album came out and I have been a fan of the band ever since. For me the upcoming album Push and Shove [...]

Italian Parmesan Chicken

Here is a simple yet extremely yummy recipe and one that will impress those near and dear.  If I got a call form Come Dine With Me tomorrow this is what I would make. Usually I can be a bit of a disaster master in the kitchen.  There was once an occasion where I messed up simple [...]

Batman Nails For The Release of The Dark Knight Rises

It is finally here! The release of The Dark Knight Rises.  I haven't been this excited about a film since Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.  Tickets are booked for 12 at the Imax cinema tomorrow and then I am going a Batman Night at my favourite rock club where you get in for [...]

Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath – The Rules of Bathing

All day today I have been having issues with my neck, back and shoulders, especially my right one which does not help when you want to get down to blogging, so I done what any girl does when she's in pain and went for a bath.  I apologise to  my friend over at The Beauty Fiend who does [...]

Download 2012 – Sunday Review – 10/06/2012

After four days of rain I had came to the conclusion that God simply did not like Rock n Roll and that it really was the music of Satan after all but it would appear that he was simply waiting for Black Sabbath before he allowed the sun to come out from behind the clouds. [...]