Shot Gun Harbour – The Cover-Up

Shotgun Harbour is a band that you could say was formed by fate. Formed in August of 2009, Shotgun Harbour started off with a bang, immediately grabbing an audience throughout the Southeast. Since then, the band has seen a few members come and go, but one thing has remained constant; their passion for music.
“Music is our life. It’s what has driven us all along to be what we are today. We want to share our music with the world. We want to leave our mark on this world, and show others the passion music can bring.” says bassist Jordan Lloyd.
Their album The Cover Up has received great reviews all round and I am not going to be the one to say otherwise – fantastic album.  Recorded by highly acclaimed recording engineeer, Daryl Phenneger (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Evergreen Terrace, Yellowcard, Puddle of Mudd) the boys from the South have captured a sound that has propelled them forward.  I hope one day the sound propels them as far as the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe so I and other fans in the UK can experience all the band has got to give live.
The album is a mere six tracks long, which is the only disappointing aspect to the album. The six tracks left me wanting more. However, the band, which includes Blaine Dickinson (Lead Guitar), Brock Dickinson (Vocals), Jordan Lloyd (Bass), Justin Monds (Rhythm Guitar), and Matt Braddock (Drums), are currently working on a new full-length project. Daryl Phenneger will be taking the helm with the recording.
I had absolutely no qualms that the full-length album will be amazing as from judging the high quality vocals and the intricate music on The Cover-Up.
The guitar is particularly noteworthy on the title track.  “The Cover-Up” boasts groovy guitar riffs and smooth vocals.  It is akin to style of blues rock band Clutch. “The Cover Up” is definitely stand out song on the album and the guitar solo near the end of the song just completes it.
All the tracks have a great southern feel to them which makes this album perfect for the summer – especially if you live in the UK, like I, where all it has done is rain all summer. There is nothing like a little bit of southern rock n’roll to transport you, by mind, to somewhere brighter for 25 minutes.
The album boosts a mix of tracks with the groovy “The Cover Up” and “Public Enemy” to the soulful “Date Late Friend” and “I Am Here”.
If you like bands like Shinedown and Staind but want to listen to something fresh in a genre that can get a little colourless at times then hit the download button on Shotgun Harbour.

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