Batman Nails For The Release of The Dark Knight Rises

It is finally here! The release of The Dark Knight Rises.  I haven’t been this excited about a film since Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.  Tickets are booked for 12 at the Imax cinema tomorrow and then I am going a Batman Night at my favourite rock club where you get in for free if you are dressed up.  I have decided to channel a Bat-girl sort of look hence the nails:

I used: Nails Inc – Tavistock Street which I have already reviews in my post Back in the New Black
Models Own – Nail Art Pen and Barry M Lemon Ice Cream.

To create this effect:  Firstly paint your full nail with Tavistock Street (or any other grey polish) but I like the darkness of Tavistock Street. Secondly line the tips of your nails with Lemon Ice Cream once Tavistock Street has fully dried – even paint the grey the night before like I did. It will take a good couple of coats of Lemon Ice Cream to cover the grey but try and not put the polish on too thickly.  Once all has dried draw a black line across where the two colours meet with the models own nail art pen.

The most important thing about this look is waiting for the polishes all to dry which can be annoying if you are impatient like I am.  I was going to try and draw little bats but although the nail art pen is good because it is a long narrow brush it can be hard to have good control with it.  Can anyone recommend another nail art pen?

I bought Lemon Ice Cream by Barry M two summers ago and it does not look good on my nails when on its own.  I end up looking diseased.  If you have pale skin like me I would stay clear of it unless you want to try the above out or do multicoloured nails a lot.

I would also like to try out Robin themed nails at some point.  Keep your eyes pealed for my review of the film next week. Anyone else excited about it?


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