Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath – The Rules of Bathing

All day today I have been having issues with my neck, back and shoulders, especially my right one which does not help when you want to get down to blogging, so I done what any girl does when she’s in pain and went for a bath.  I apologise to  my friend over at The Beauty Fiend who does not have a bath for I know this post will pain her.

During my bath I started to make a list of complaints in my head about my current bathing experience so naturally I have decided to compose a list of rules for having a happy bathing experience. It has been a while since I have composed a list and I am starting to suspect that is what is wrong with my life at the moment.  I am a girl that plans to plan.

1.  Make sure your bath is warm enough.  I usually put the hot water boost on twice just to ensure that the water is super warm.  A luke warm bath will completely kill your mood and if you were in a bad mood before entering the bath you will be an even unhappier bunny when leaving the bathroom.

2.  Now you have your water warm hope there is enough water for a deep bath.  I need my bath to be as full as possible, just before the water starts pouring over the sides, otherwise I spend my time looking at my wobbly tummy and thinking about how much weight I need to lose.  If you are lucky enough being a skinny minnie this might not bother you as much.

3.  In line with no.2 – Candles.  I cannot go for a bath with the lights on.  I get creeped out just thinking about having to deal with my naked body for that length of time.  Plus candles set a nice relaxing atmosphere, especially if they are nice scented ones.  See my July favourites review for my candle of the moment. 

4.  On the subject of smelling nice – you will need a good bubble bath or bath bomb and you are lucky my next beauty post is one an awesome bath bomb.  I joke but it is worth checking out just because the bath bomb is amazing.  It is from Lush – enough said.

5.  Take a book, magazine or music in with you.  I struggle to spend any length of time in the bath without having something to occupy me. Attention span of a fish – which is ironic considering fish spend their whole lives in water. Just don’t drop your MP3 player in the bath,I have done this in the past, doing that will shoot the last four relaxing rules to shizz and make you splash about like Jawz is attacking.

6.  Most people would leave this at No.5 but I am an even number kind of girl. Anyone else suffer from this?  Keep your towel near the bath because if you wash your face you are going to want to dry it to prevent getting soapy matter in your eyes.  I done this today and had to lean right over the bath to retrieve my towel which no doubt looked ridiculous but also hurt my shoulders further. 

So there you go six ways to get the best out of your bath and although they are pretty obvious sometimes we don’t always do the obvious.  Well I don’t – ask anyone that knows me.  I often do things the hard way and then get confused about it.


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