The Maddigans – Way To Start This Review

Being a British girl writing for an American music website, I do not usually know the bands before reviewing them.  This is not to say that I do not grow to love them, but to finally review a band that is up incoming in the UK music scene is wonderful.
The Maddigans have been on the music scene for a couple of years now, but I think things are really going to explode this year for this little band from Canada. The band is actually coming to my home town this month and I am anxious to check them out live — especially after loving their first album, Way to Start This.  They are also being supported by a fantastic local band, Picnic Basket Nosedive, so this just adds another reason for me to go see them.
EP, Way to Start This, is a great pop-rock record but these attitude packed songs also give it an element of pop-punk. The album appeals to the angst ridden teenager inside all of us and fills listeners with a new release of energy.  The fact that the band is relatively young also contributes to the oodles of energy their music brings.
“Diamond Rings and Pretty Things” is my favorite song off the album. Its poetic verses will easily get stuck in your head. I have been humming the tune all day despite being at another band’s gig tonight – it’s that catchy! It is bound to be a sure hit with their fans both old and new.
All the tracks have a vigorous beat that commands your attention and the movement of your feet.  On the track “Let’s Keep a Secret,” the bass and drums bring a great intensity to the song. The softer notes towards the end are a reminder of the emotional topic of relationships that the song revolves around.  But do not be fooled into thinking this is a depressing song — it’s not.
This EP is far from being a bore and is actually great to stick on whilst at the gym or doing something mundane like cleaning the house – I tried this out the other day and it certainly made the task a lot more exciting than usual. If an album can make house cleaning fun, it’s good in my book!
The band’s recently released second EP is called Love vs. Passion, and judging from what I have heard from it so far – mainly the new single “Talk This Way” – it seems to be as good as Way To Start This.
The band’s first UK tour starts in a couple of days, and I am excited to see what the British music scene thinks of the Canadian band as well as what the band thinks of things over here.
The British music scene is known for being passionate about their music, so I am sure that the band will have a wonderful experience over here and will leave with a number of new and enthusiastic fans.

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