Adventures At Wigtown

Living in Stirling for four years made me miss city life.  Is Stirling not a city, I hear you say.  Well, yes it is but the fact that it does not have a 24 hour supermarket makes me dismiss its city status.  Where I am from I am used to 24 hour supermarkets, taxi's at [...]


The Evolution of Inanimate Objects: The Life and Collected Works of Thomas Darwin

I received a free copy of this book as it won or was nominated for a prize and the publisher was asking on Twitter if anyone wanted a copy to review. As I want to review more books for my blog (good thing I am at a book festival) I was like yeah, I'd like [...]

A Night in Bed With A Prostitute. The Craze of Books About Prostitution.

Prostitution is such an ugly word, well in my opinion it is but I don't like the harshness of hooker either, however I do like floozy. So I am going to refer to prostitutes as floozy's - sounds almost like an exotic flower, eh?  They are certainly exotic...well some of them.  Books about prostitutes seem [...]

Anti Ba(T)ctarial Hand Gel

It is just under a month to Halloween and this makes me super excited. I adore Halloween because I am a bit fan of all things Supernatural and scary. I love a good scare and I love dressing up. This Halloween I am going to see Shinedown and going out for some spooky goings ons [...]

Lovely Liz Earle

The hot cloth cleanse and polish has been my favourite skin care product for a couple of years now and I have been yearning to try the toner and the moisturiser that complete the Liz Earle skin care regime.  I decided I would chance my luck and e-mail Liz Earle customer service and ask if [...]