Anti Ba(T)ctarial Hand Gel

It is just under a month to Halloween and this makes me super excited. I adore Halloween because I am a bit fan of all things Supernatural and scary. I love a good scare and I love dressing up. This Halloween I am going to see Shinedown and going out for some spooky goings ons in Edinburgh.  Expect a lot of Halloween themed posts in the coming month.  I have been looking for one of these anti-bacterial hand gels on Ebay from Bath and Body Works (American brand) but I found a Scottish seller with lots of these little beauties but I thought the Vampire Blood one looked the most fun. I will no doubt go back and buy more though. Your hands can never be too clean!

As you can see it comes in an almost coffin shaped bottle and has the ghoulish font saying Vampire Blood and naturally its red to mimic blood muhahaha.  

The gel reminds a bit of frog spawn with the little black bits in it (which I do not know what they are) they disappear when you rub the gel into your hands. The gel smells beautiful though. This one is plum scented and it lingers for a long time afterwards.  It is a lot nicer than your typical hand gels.

It makes me happy putting it on my hands!

Is anyone else excited for Halloween? What’s your plans?




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