Halloween Ghostly Nails

Come Halloween even the most girlie of girls wants a little touch of Halloween horror in her life, and nails are a quick and effective way to do this - without having to dig out the white face paint and fake blood.  Which I find the horror really lays in scrubbing the stuff off the next day.I have seen [...]


Halloween Horror Films For Those Who Love Horror: Part Two

Well, I was more enthusiastic than I had initially intended in Part One but there are just so many great horror films out there that I need to share.  However there are also a whole lot of bad horror films, probably more bad if I am being honest, so that is what makes these posts even more [...]

Halloween Horror Films for Those That Love Horror – Part One

I love horror and I love Halloween, and although I watch horror films all year round I know that not everyone does. Halloween is a time for the non super-horror-enthusiast to lust after horror films and I want to make sure that you find some decent ones, for I know more than most that the horror [...]

Wigtown Soap Company – Peppermint and Pumice Soap

I am a complete sucker for soap, especially fancy soap, so when I seen handmade soap in the produce tent at Wigtown Book Festival I had to get me some. I must have spent a good twenty minutes smelling all the different soaps and trying to pick one. I eventually settled on peppermint and pumice [...]

Publishers Stuck in the Stone-age – Tahir Shah

“People get very worked up about creating a book and having their name on it.  Write for yourself. Not for anyone else”. Tahir Shah is an Anglo-Afghan Indian author and a controversial character in the literary world, for he is not afraid to talk about how the book publishing world is behind with the times [...]

Adventures and Talking With Robots

Adventures and Talking With Robots – Post for The Wigtown Book Festival BlogThe weirdness that encompasses the world is something that a lot of us would not have any qualms admitting we are incredibly curious about; those that claim otherwise are liars.  Reality TV would not be such a hit if this were the case.  [...]

“and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?

To have got to the end of  my adventure into the depths of the book wonderland that is Wigtown, and to have not mentioned the bookshop’s feels almost like a crime.  Perhaps, I am in denial about how many books I returned home with.  The answer is twelve, twelve books.  Two or three books I [...]