The Long Time Coming Liz Earle Post

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder incomplete for months due to a bout of bad skin and starting a new job, a new temporary job which has now ended.  However, whilst working in John Lewis I was in close proximity to the Liz Earle counter and I was amazed by just how popular the brand is.  I knew us Brits loved Liz Earle but I had no idea just how many cleanse and polishes flew off the shelf on a daily basis. The Liz Earle concession actually made it to the one million mark over the Christmas stretch – which was celebrated in the beauty department with a beautiful pale blue cake and fizzy wine (it certainly made the last couple of hours go a lot quicker).  
Like the shoppers of John Lewis I have been a fan of Liz Earle skincare for a while, but I had never tried any of the make up.  The ever so lovely pr team at Liz Earle HQ sent me some make up to try out (a while ago now) and I feel terrible about the length of time it has taken to get this post finished.  But it does mean I have had a while to truly test the products out.
Above you can see pictured the new Signature Foundation in porcelain.  The texture of the foundation is perfect for my acne prone skin as it is thick and allows for layering without causing any streaking. The colour is also a great match for my pale as snow skin.  As you can see from the shade card pictured at the top of this post Liz Earle have a fantastic range of colours. The finished look is quite a natural one which I am not that familiar with as I tend to sport the unrefined doll look but it is a lovely sophisticated look – great for looking like a proper grown up. 
I took multiple photo’s of the concealer and found it hard to photograph but as you can see from the photo that turned out best it does as the name suggests and reflects the light.  Another perfect match for my skin tone and comes in a twist tube with brush application – which I personally love in a concealer.  I have been using this to camouflage my unsightly spotty skin and dark bags under my eyes from the stress of the build up of Christmas.  It is now an essential part of my make-up routine.  
I feel like I cannot give the loose powder a just review due to not having a decent powder brush or puff (both of these things are on my list of things to purchase but lack of a job again makes this difficult).  However having used the product with a mix of cheap make-up brushes and cotton wool puffs I do really like it.  I usually use a compact powder rather than the loose powder as I have found in the past that loose powder can be drying to my skin, but I did not have that issue with this one and I actually found it kept my make-up looking tip top for a lot longer than usual. 

Here is the obligatory embarrassing photo, this is the part I struggle with when it comes to make-up reviews as I am very conscious about my skin but as you can see Liz Earle done a good job of helping me cover it up. THANK YOU. I have put the camera battery on charge so expect lots of nice post’s to nosey at in the new year.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and stay safe at New Year but have a good time…obviously.


Note: Only the foundation, concealer and powder are Liz Earle.


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