Presents From Tokyo and Rococo Nails

Once upon a time I had a Japanese flatmate,from Tokyo, named Urara (I am pretty sure Rachel and I pronounced the name wrong the whole time she stayed with us).  Urara was only here for six months on foreign exchange and then she returned home, I miss her a lot but I  look forward to adventures to Tokyo one day.  I have promised her that I will try genuine fish sushi when I visit, that will be a laugh. I have a slight fish phobia.
This Christmas Urara sent a lovely package from Tokyo, I had forgot she had sent it so I was super excited when it arrived. 
Hello Kitty toiletries bag, mirror, nail accessories and curry cubes.
How damn cute is the mirror? I love furry things and Hello Kitty. Knowing that this Hello Kitty merchandise is from her home of Japan makes me happy. When Urara was here in Scotland she made us Japanese curry and my love affair with Japanese curry began there.  I love these cubes as they make a lovely katsu sauce.  I have four cubes left so you can expect a Japanese curry post in the near future.
Now on to Rococo Nail Apparel which I received from my Dad and his partner for Christmas.  I had never heard of Rococo before but I have been told, off Lorna the fashionista, that their range is available at Space NK.
The nail sets come in beautiful little boxes, which adds to the charm.  As much as I love Nails Inc their packaging does not have a patch on Rococo. From doing some research the range seems to be around the same price as other high-end brands like Nails Inc and OPI.
Pictured above is ‘V.I.P Creme’ with some added stars from Tokyo, topped off with the Rococo ‘Super Gloss.  Super Gloss is amazing.  I have never been a fan of top coats – viewing them as a waste of time as they have never sustained my nailpolish substancially but the super gloss is a whole other class.  It brings out the shininess of the polish and acts as a barrier against anything that may chip your nails.  These nails lasted me through New Year.  The stars did fall off but the polish itself lasted greatly.
The blue polish you see below is ‘Deadly Nightshade’ – what a fantastic name?  The Rococo polishes are thick and glide on the nail smoothly but not gloopy like the Chanel Vernis polishes are.  Next to Deadly Nightshade is the highly acclaimed Super Gloss.
This set is called the ‘swarovski nail set’ – it comes with little swarovski’s to glue on to your nails with the help of the super gloss.  I find the decision of having the crystals the same colour as the polish  a little odd as I feel the crystals blend in to the polish too much, and therefore I do not see the point in them if you cannot see them.  But I am going to experiment with the crystals on a different base.
Has anyone else tried Rococo Nail Apparel? 


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