Let The Good Times Roll

In case you haven’t heard the Lush Christmas cleanser Let The Good Times Roll is being continued by Lush into the New Year.  Out of fear that it wasn’t being continued I stocked up on it in the Lush sale though, but I am so happy to hear that is is staying.  It is without a doubt my favourite cleanser from Lush.  I liked Angels on Bare Skin, Ultra Butter and Aquamarina but this is the superstar cleanser. 
It looks like cookie dough and it smells like popcorn, a lovely morning treat.  The maize ex-foliates the skin and the corn oil leaves the skin beautifully soft.  It is not the best cleanser for taking make-up off unless it is used with a muslin cloth but it is nice to use before bed in replacement of a moisturiser,
I was given a handy little tip by one of the men who work in Lush also, a really obvious one.  You can stock up on cleanser and freeze it, because Lush use natural ingredients they do go out of date pretty quickly.  I had that problem with the moisturiser because I would never use it all by the sell by date but now I am considering in the future decanting it into smaller tubs and freezing the rest.
I also picked up some shower gel in the sale, as much as I love lush paying £8.00 for some shower gel seems a bit crazy but I didn’t mind paying the sale price.  Orange and tequila scented it is a acquired taste but I quite like it, its unusualness attracted me.  I really did not like the Twilight gel they had out this year though, as another woman in the shop said ‘it smells like bleach’.  Snow Fairy was naturally sold out.
Did anyone try the other Lush Christmas cleanser?  I was told that it was very good for eczema.

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