Lush Feet

This post is long over due but since I was working as a Christmas temp I did not have much time for blogging but Lush really did help me those first couple of weeks.  Anyone who has went from being unemployed back to working in retail will know how bloody sore your feet can get, mines were in agony.  I’d find myself hobbling out of work.  Good shoes are key (something with a wedge preferably to support the feet) but good food care is also vital.

After hearing my complain night after night my manfriend went to Lush and picked up The Fair Trade Foot Lotion and Volcano Foot Mask for me.  Lush is where I run to in most emergency if I am being honest – their products always make me a little bit happier. Lush products should be on prescription instead of prozac.

The Fair Trade Foot Lotion does resemble pepto but it smells gorgeous. It is a hard scent to pin down but trust me that it is great.

“A whole foot-locker of ingredients to treat and soothe tired, sore and unsightly feet. Peppermint and spearmint stimulate the circulation, bring blood to the surface of the skin and give a cool feeling. With arnica to help with bruising and swelling and cocoa butter and almond oil to help soften the skin and prevent cracks”.

Ugh, it is such a great feeling to come home after a hard day and cake your feet in this (or to have someone cake your feet in it). It cures horrible throbbing feet and achy ankles.

This is a little stranger, the manfriend was told by the sales assistant in Lush that it smelt a bit funky and he was certainly right.  It contains tomato and that is what I’d say it comes closest to smelling like – it is not very pleasant at all but it is pleasant on the feet.  It is the non icy equivalent of sticking your feet in to an icy bucket – bliss.  What I done was coat my feet in Volcano and then soak them in a basin of hot water.

It is a bit like plastering your feet but it is worth it.  My only other complaint besides the smell is that it is quite messy, obviously putting a foot mask on yourself can be rather tricky in not getting it all over the furniture.  I tried doing it in the bath once but it ended up being a bit of a hassle.  I would suggest having someone to help you out with this one.


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