Lemon and Lime – Models Own Polishes

My birthday was in January and I was gifted these two lovely polishes by my friend Fiona over at The Beauty Fiend.  They are both quite out there and although I adore them I probably would not have picked them off the shelf, I would have probably went for something pink and glittery.  That’s one of the best things about gifts – getting something you love that would not normally have picked for yourself.
I have been trying to wear yellow nail polish unsuccessfully for the last couple of years.  I tried normal yellow when The Dark Knight came out and I’ve tried Lemon Ice Cream by Barry M, due my pale skin tone I looked somewhat diseased.  But, at last I have found a yellow that works for me.  The gold tones in Sunkissed by Models Own doesn’t look too bad against my skin tone and it is such a fabulous colour.  I loved my nails when I had this polish on, it works as an accessory.  It might be too in your face for some people but I would suggest giving it a try – you never know.

Green is my colour, and I own a lot of green nail polish but this is one shade I didn’t have.  In the photo it looks lime but it a little lighter than traditional lime but not a mint green either.  As the name suggests it is the colour of Endame beans, a lovely smooth green.  Bright but not neon.  This will be my staple colour come spring, if Scotland ever get spring.

As always Models Own polishes have great holding power.  I haven’t come across a bad one yet.

What will your spring nail colour be?



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