Cinderella was crazy to leave her shoe.

I love shoes, I am sure you love shoes too, so I thought I would share some of my favourite shoes with you all, and some advice on the retailers that I buy most of my shoes from.  Sometimes it is easier to get good shoe deals online so it is handy to know what to expect in regards to sizes, and it is always nice to look at pretty shoes. 
  • Office Shoes
  • Gold and black flock print wedges.  Wedges support the feet and make walking very comfortable.  If you work in retail you should wear shoes with a wedge to support your feet, rather than flat shoes that offer no support. 
  • £10 in the sale. The Office Christmas sale is always amazing, you should subscribe to the website.
  • 5/5 for comfort
  • 5/5 for walk-ability
  • I managed to walk about London after a good couple of drinks in these shoes, navigate the  underground, and go the whole night without swapping to flats or falling flat on my face.

  • Primark.
  • Multi-glitter peeptoe courts, in general I am not a fan of peeptoe shoes because I always wear tights but I couldn’t resist the glitter.  Primark shoes aren’t the best and tend to be hard on the feet, but I don’t see me wearing them all that often.
  • £8 in the sale – they were £8 and a size 3 so I had to have them.
  • 2/5 for comfort.
  • 3/5 for walk-ability.
  • Not the most comfortable of shoes but were easier to walk in after a couple of drinks. The kind of shoe that needs broken in, and they look a lot less cheap once on your feet.

  • New Look.
  • I have never had any issue with New Look heels, I find they tend to be good value and moderately comfortable if you get the right size.  These are a little bit too big for me so I need to wear a insole with them to stop my feet from slipping. 
  • Cant recall but under £30.
  • 4/5 for comfort.
  • 5/5 for walk-ability.
  • I’ve had these shoes for a couple of year now and they are amazing to jazz up a black outfit with, the medium heel makes them fairly easy to walk in – I’ve managed to walk up to Stirling Castle and back after a night out in them, including cobble stones.  It is always good to have a jazzy pair of medium height heels on standby. 

  • Office Shoes.
  • I have such lust for these shoes, they are black velvet and stiletto – two of my favourite things.  However, they are the most difficult shoes to walk in.  I can’t fault Office for this though, I just don’t have strong enough ankles.  The shoes themselves are beautifully made and designed though.  Would be great to wear somewhere that you didn’t need to walk very much – like in a restaurant with no stairs. 
  • Another bargain from the Office sale – around £50.  Well, maybe not a bargain. 
  • Comfort – 2/5
  • Walk-ability – 0/5
  • I simply cannot walk in these shoes, I adore them but I cannot walk in them.  They are deceptively high, I thought they were the same height as the leopard print shown below but they are a lot higher.  Unless you have extremely strong ankles you are going to fall over – I did. 

  • Custom shoes by my best-friend Susan.
  • Susan decorated these shoes for my birthday.  I have been lusting after a pair of green glitter shoes for years but was never completely sold on bordello’s due to the price of them and I have been told they are not very comfortable . They are so beautiful, and I am greatly to my talented friend for making them for me.
  • I haven’t wore them outside but they seem fairly comfy but I’m not going to be able to hike up to a castle in them for sure. 

  • Office Shoes. 
  • Unlike the black velvet pair these are very comfy and easier to walk in as they are just slightly less high. These are my going out shoes and they have seen quite a few nights outs and the bottom of my handbag many a time, they are still in great condition and I see them lasting me a long time.  Thankfully, because these are signature shoes. 
  • From the Office sale again – around £30.
  • Comfort 4/5.
  • Walk- ability – 4/5.
  • For stilettos these are actually really comfy and quite easy to walk in because the strap holds your feet in place. If you are someone who struggles to walk in heels you should try getting a shoe with a strap, it makes things a little easier, and it is good if you are someone who is between sizes.  I do tend to just wear them inside the club rather than outside though, because I don’t wish to fall from that height. 

  • Iron Fist – Sugar Hiccup Shoes.
  • Pink suede with sequinned sugar skull design, girly yet gothic shoes. Iron Fist shoes are tiny made and really quite narrow.  I am a size 3 but usually need an insole and these shoes are tight on me. I recommend going up a size in Iron Fist shoes.  I would also recommend wearing tights with them until you have broken them in.
  • A gift.
  • Comfort – 3/5.
  • Walk-ability – 3/5.
  •   I think once these have been broken in more they will be comfier but because of the squeeze at the moment they’re a bit ouchy. 

Now I would like to see some of your shoe porn – what are you favourite pair of shoes and why?  Stiletto girl or do you prefer some fabulous flats? I’d also like to say before I go that I adore my converse and my bear paw boots – they get wore a lot more than any of the shoes above.  I wish I had the kind of lifestyle that permitted me to wear stilettos every day and not fear for my life crossing a busy road – a chauffeur driven lifestyle is what I need.

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