Nails Inc – 7 Polishes for £17

One of the best things about Twitter is finding out beauty news that you previously would not have found out, such as free samples and sales.  Last week alone I found out via Twitter that The Body Shop had 40% off and Illamasque were having a 50% off sale to celebrate reaching a milestone on Twitter.

I find it is usually through fellow tweeters that you find out this exciting info rather than through the companies themselves.  My Nails Inc bargain is an example of this.

A twitter friend of mine posted about getting seven Nails Inc polishes for £17 a couple of months back which was met by response of ‘Where?’.  Sadly I was too late, as the deal was only on for a day or two, but I subscribed to the website so that I would be notified when the deal was next on.

The deal at hand is 7 ‘random’ polishes from Nails Inc for £17, considering one polish alone is £12 this is a great deal. I also really like the fact that you don’t get to pick the polishes. I have found myself more than once spending forever in the nail polish aisle ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over different colours, and in the end I leave with nothing.  I can usually never make my mind up, of course I already own an excess amount of polishes therefore not helping the selection process.

Nails Inc took this tough decision away from me, it’s also exciting not knowing which colours you are going to get through the door. Obviously you do run the risk of receiving polishes that you do not like, but thankfully I was lucky with my selection.

1. Chester Street.
2.Great Tichfield Street.
3.Royal Opera Arcade – Nail Jewellery.
4. Franklins Row.
5.Richmond Terrace.
6.Gatwick – Matte Finish.
7.Roland Gardens.

I love that there was a matte finish polish and one of the glitter polishes in my order.  I have been wanting to try the Nails Inc glitter polishes for a while. As usual all the polishes are up to the Nails Inc standard and have great staying power.  If you fancy getting your hands on this deal next time around sign up for the Nails Inc newsletter.


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