The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Glamorous Amorous Tour – Edinburgh Fringe

Attempting to start this post without opening with a line like ‘rock out with your cock not out’ has been hard. It’s difficult beating around the bush and not going balls deep to the glaring question everyone want’s to know.

So, what the hell, let’s start with talk of men dressed as women.
Putting the show to one side for a moment (which is wonderful by the way and I’ll get to it later obviously), a lot of people are interested in The Lady Boys of Bangkok out of sheer intrigue. The show centres around men dressed up as women, and in turn gives women a bit of a showing up by looking better than a lot of naturally born females do – myself included. I knew I should have worn more glitter.
But where’s is the…y’know…
Carefully tucked away it would seem, these ladyboy’s have no more bulge than the everyday woman. However, you do get to see the Ladyboy’s in their natural boy form during the show also, which boggles the brain a little. It may also makes you want to weep as they manage to look stunning as both sexes, whilst most of struggle to get it together as one.
According to my friend with whom I attended the show there is a Youtube video which will show you how the tucking away process is done. I haven’t watched it, but if it intrigues you that much…
She has better legs than me, and can dance without falling in her heels.


Now that we have got to grips with that, on with the show.  The show itself is spectacular: there’s singing, dancing, and a whole lot of sequins. The LadyBoys of Bangkok show makes the perfect cabaret show. The first half of the show includes chart hits such as Gangnam Style and Girls Aloud, but the second half of the shows covers all the disco classics such as ‘I Will Survive’, musically the show caters for everyone. It is a fun evening out, to indulge in your cheesy side.

The show was held in the purpose built Sabai Pavillion with Thai kitchen – which in itself is stunning and brings an oriental feel to the show with the elaborate décor and the smell of Thai food . It was nice to watch a show at a table with a nice glass of wine rather than in a traditional row balancing your handbag and drinks on your lap.

What surprised me the most about the show, other than how painfully beautiful the cast are, is how funny it was. For some reason I didn’t expect the show to be that funny – it’s hilarious.  The audience ‘participation’ gave a lot of belly laughs.

As if the show wasn’t perfect enough The LadyBoy’s added a personal touch by ending with Runrig, which is the unofficial Scottish National Anthem. The show had no downs, just lots of wonderful highs. A perfect show.

The Ladyboy’s are still on tour: Tour Dates.
And many thanks to Terri Lowe.


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