Travelling to Oz with Prescription Medicine

It became clear, quickly, whilst researching the above topic for my travels,to Australia from the UK,that there isn’t simply just one site that gives you clear concise information on the rules of travelling with prescription medicine.

I have been on UK government websites, Australian Government websites, Yahoo Answers, online forums, and everything else outside this bracket appearing on the esteemed first page of a Google search.

I’ve learnt a lot but bloody hell – I just want a simple yes or not. You can or can’t.  Do this but don’t do that. So,  I thought I would attempt to make it simple for other people who will follow in my footsteps.

The main consensus that I found was that it varies depending on what medication you wish to bring and what country you are travelling to but for the sake of this post I’ll stick to UK to Australia and typical prescription medication.

I need to bring Thyroxine (for under-active thyroid), Inhalers (for asthma), Laxido (AKA Movicol for digestion) & a sense of humour for I am only 25.

The doctor once asked me if I rattled when I walked & I take more medication than my Mum.  I’m sure everyone else with a chronic illness at a young-ish age can relate to this laugh or sit in a dark room and cry attitude.

I need to take the above every day; I can’t go without it.  So it is of utmost importance that I can get it through customs and into Australia.

  • You can take three months worth of prescription medication with you and have three months posted to you: (I am in the process of researching if Royal Mail let you do this without any hitch ;other than being grilled at the Post Office and holding up the queue of elderly people.
  • The medicine needs to be kept in it’s original packaging and you need to carry a copy of your prescription with you or a letter from your doctor.  I initially thought you needed both but it would seem you need one or the other.
  • To declare or not to declare?  This is where it became vague.  Some people say you need to and others say that customs aren’t interested.  However; the Australian government site says that you don’t need to declare unless you have more than three months worth of typical prescription medication:


So I will be travelling with my three months of medication, alongside a copy of my prescriptions, and I will not be declaring my prescription medicine at customs.

However; on further research I have found out that I will need to declare my vitamins/supplements at customs so I will be able to report back on that experience.

Helpful sites:




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