UPDATE: Flying with Prescription Medicine

After all my worries regarding flying to Australia with medication (see  part 1) it turns out there was actually nothing to worry about.

So I packed my prescription and my medication, into my   hand luggage, and all was good. There were no questions asked by customs at Glasgow, Dubai, Singapore or Brisbane.

I decided to declare my non-prescription medication (vitimins etc) to be on the safe side. The customs declaration form you get on the flight before landing in Australia can be a little confusing – e.g. do you have soil on your shoes? You then need to start backtracking where you and your shoes have been. However it does say on the top if unsure say ‘yes’.

The option to declare your medication shares a line with pornography and weapons which I thought was a bit odd.  Since I’m sure more people travel with the former than the latter. But, who knows. After all on some Emirates flights you can travel with a bird of prey…not even kidding.

On joining the ‘goods to declare’ queue on both occasions the guys at customs just waved me through. They weren’t interested at all in  what I had. Maybe if it had been pornography or weapons they would have been.

Hopefully, they would have been.

The general consensus I made is that you should have nothing to worry about when traveling with medication unless you are bringing medication, into the country,that needs a permit or is illegal.

If you unsure though you can always check at customs to cover your back  but remember you should always carry your medication in your hand luggage.

In the next couple of weeks I will need to go to an Australian doctors to get more medication so I will let you all know how that goes.


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