Friends with no Fixed Abode

It’s been six months since we left home for Australia and it has been a wonderful experience. But; it has been challenging in parts. The main stresses have been about work. Firstly finding work and then tying to fit into the new job. 

This isn’t much different from being at home, because let’s face it most of us are stressed out about work, but at home you have your support network of friends. You can talk your stress away by grabbing some chips and a milkshake with a friend on a Tuesday night or a gin too man, straight out of the office, on a Friday night. When you move away from home you leave your friends behind.

At my leaving night my friends and I cried a lot.

 I am grateful that my friends at home are amazing and I speak to most of them every day as if I’m not on another continent. But, I still miss them.

Travelling is a life changing experience  and at no point during our trip have I regretted making the move; but I have had down days. 

There will be days when you miss the simplicity and routine of home. Every traveller feels this way at some point.  The fellow travellers you meet along the way will be your comfort.They understand how you feel: you don’t necessarily want to go home, right now, but you do want to feel relaxed as if you were at home.

Staying at an Air B&B house means we are constantly meeting new people and it’s great.  We have made friends with people from all over the world and as cliche as this is with every person you meet you will learn something and that makes each friendship invaluable. Well, and having somewhere to crash when you visit their hometown.

Halloween was a tough time for me because I love Autumn and I always do something to celebrate with friends. However, I was blessed to be living with a fellow European  who felt the same way about the spooky holiday. We ended up having a nice Halloween of pumpkin carving and scary films. 

Feeling the sand between your toes and watching the sunset in new places is humbling, and will bring a sense of peace, during a time of ever changing backgrounds and new experiences.  Moments like these are the reason we go through the stress of packing all our stuff into bags that are never big enough and why we let Google Maps become as essential as sun protection.

However, the people you will meet enrich your travels in ways money cant.  Seeing all the sights may be the main purpose but some of the most memorable nights are the ones spent getting to know new people. Friends like you that have no fixed abode.


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