Catch up with yourself

When I lived in Australia, although I was there with my partner, I still spent quite a lot of time in my own company.  I often worked weekends and he was off; so I had a lot of free time during the week and when its hot outside you don’t stay inside watching Netflix.

Having been home for six months now (the cold Glasgow weather is starting to become a bore) and the last couple of weeks I have found myself pining for Australia, more specifically Melbourne, but I have now come to realise it might not actually be just Australia and the good weather that I am missing.

I have missed the simple task of taking myself out for the day.  The pleasure of not having to arrange meeting times and points – of just suiting myself and going out.

I’ll add here that I do love going out with friends but I have noticed, at home,  if I do decide to venture out from under the duvet on a weekend I always see if anyone is free to catch up.  I never just go out and do my own thing.


However today I decided to take myself out and I have had such a reflective day.  I booked myself in for a massage, walking distance from my flat, which was well overdue.  Every year I say that I am going to go for more massages and get my nails done and I never end up doing either but after a rubbish week of just feeling knackered (and having to go for a blood test) I decided on a last minute whim to book myself in.  After my 30 minute massage (£20, bargain) I walked to the ‘good coffee’ shop and got myself a ‘flat white’ – throwback to my time in Melbourne and a gluten free cupcake.  I felt so much more energised having just spent some time focusing just on me and what I wanted to do.


Therefore here is a little reminder to focus on you from time to time:

  • It is important to take time not only for yourself but to be by yourself
  • Enjoy being in your own company
  • Turn off your music and absorb everything that is happening around you
  • Focus on you and how it feels to just be
  • Prioritise yourself – in this moment nothing is more important than you
  • Everything else can wait
  • Don’t be afraid to temporarily turn off your technology because you fear you are going to miss something important
  • If you don’t take time to support yourself you won’t be able to support others as well as you could do
  • Walk without intention and walk slowly – especially when crossing the road – if there is a double crossing – wait and cross and wait and cross again.  There is no rush.
  • Slow your pace – you are not under pressure and there is no deadline to be met




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