Catch up with yourself

When I lived in Australia, although I was there with my partner, I still spent quite a lot of time in my own company.  I often worked weekends and he was off; so I had a lot of free time during the week and when its hot outside you don't stay inside watching Netflix. Having [...]


Friends with no Fixed Abode

It's been six months since we left home for Australia and it has been a wonderful experience. But; it has been challenging in parts. The main stresses have been about work. Firstly finding work and then tying to fit into the new job.  This isn't much different from being at home, because let's face it [...]

Finding a job in Australia

With so many backpackers heading off to the great and mighty Oz every year, on Working Holiday Visas, I didn't feel too concerned with finding work. The logical side of me figured that people wouldn't go if they couldn't find work and the anxious side of me didn't want to jump straight to negativity. However, [...]

I Hopped off the Plane with a Dream & My Cardigan

Everyone, I know who has travelled, told me that making friends whilst travelling wasn't something to worry about as you meet new friends all the time. But; being the anxious traveller that I am I had my doubts. A new country and a new impromptu way of meeting  people to contend with had my flight [...]

Packing when you are a Material Girl

Travelling away from home, to another country, is a daunting experience with all the planning, preparing, and packing your life into a bag (that is never going to be big enough to accommodate for all the unnecessary crap you think you need to take with you). It doesn't matter how many times you rerrange things [...]

Hostel Horror

After spending a year in residential accommodation when starting university - A.K.A The Ghetto. Let's not confuse my ghetto living with the saught after modern student accommodation and clean ensuites with the  block, modelled on a Swedish prison and not refurbished since it opened in the 80's, that I stayed in. The said block has [...]