Elemis Skin Lab

It is all good and well having a sales assistant tell you what your skin needs, or what could possible help your skin with whatever problems it might be facing.  I personally feel a cup of tea can solve any problem faced, but if my acne ridden skin could speak for itself it would tell [...]


The Answer to My Sore Skin Woes, with Origins.

For the last three months...and ten year, I have been battling with Acne.  Over the years it has come and gone but the last year has seen a resurgence, that at times I just do not have the energy to battle.  I had almost thrown the towel in, and accepted that I will always have 'ahem' [...]

Tits and Zitz

For pretty much half of my life I have had acne which is medically categorised as a skin disease which seems a bit over the top but I suppose there are much worse cases of acne than mine but it was really bad when I was younger.  I started my period when I was nine years [...]

Cosmetic Warrior – Fresh Face mask – Lush Review

This is the second review out of the free samples I received on my visit to Lush.  I have used Lush face mask's before but I have never asked about which one would be best from my skin.  I usually just make a judgement on 1.  The smell of the product and 2. What the product [...]