Falling Red – Hasta La Victoria Siempre – Review

Falling Red have been said to be ‘One of the best the UK has to offer’ by Kerrang magazine and from listening to their new EP Hasta La Victoria Siempre I agree that the band have great future potential to shake things up on the glam metal scene.

They fall into the category of classic rock/glam metal a genre that has rather loyal yet rather picky fans – a hard market to make it in indeed but Falling Red have a great following behind them and have support from other bands such as Peep Show, Sebastian Bach and Dirty Penny. 

They played the famous rock festival Hard Rock Hell last year and will be playing the Lancashire rock and bike show in Blackpool this June.  The band have been putting in a lot of hours this year touring the country to try and make a name from themselves but the hard work is paying off with them co-headlining with Peep-Show in Camden’s Underworld music venue and having previously supported artists like Sebastian Bach of Skid Row.

Although the EP only has four tracks this does not take anything away from the album.  The album has everything you expect from a band of this genre – heaps of attitude, catchy choruses and of course the soppy track to prove its not all about sex, drugs and rock n roll.

In my opinion the best track on the album is the cheeky ‘If you aint down with the rock (you can fuck right off)’.  It really explains what the band is all about and that is hard, fast rock n roll and dedication and if you don’t like it well I guess you can fuck right off.   The band are not in to messing about when it comes to their music.  The passion is very evident and passion is the one thing that will keep this band afloat regardless of what happens with their music in the future. Not that I think they have a bleak future.  If anything I feel the exact opposite.

The Last Kiss Goodbye is the token ballad and it showcases singer and lead guitarist Rozeys strong vocals.  Unlike a lot of glam metal vocalists Rozey does not have the cliche screechy vocals that glam metal is usually accompanied by but a coarse yet melodic voice that no doubt makes a lot of girls swoon.

Come on Down is the first single to be released from the EP and has all the ‘woahs’ that you need in a classic rock tune.  Think Bon Jovi meets Motley Crue.  It also has video full of sexy dancers that if you want to check out can be found on the bands Myspace page.

Last but not least My Little Vice with intrinsic guitar solos shows a more subtle side of the band but still encompasses the overall attitude of the band which is work hard but rock a lot harder.

If you like bands in the classic rock genre or are more into a bit of sleaze like Crash Diet and Hardcore Superstar then Falling Red will fit nicely into your play list and that the fact that the EP is short means you have time to hit repeat and enjoy it all over again.

Memory of a Melody – Thing’s That Make You Scream – Review

Things That Make You Scream is the somewhat provocative title of the Texas band Memory of a Melody (MOAM). The band formed in 2008, but burst on the metal scene at the end of last year with this first full-length album.

MOAM encompasses the gap between mainstream and underground with their catchy lyrics and riffs but the roots of the band are still undoubtedly metal.
If you like bands like either Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold or Trivium (or any other bands of the metalcore genre) then MOAM will be up your street.

MOAM’s brand of metal is the type of metal I like. I do not favour metal bands that have songs that are filled with screaming vocals, screechy guitar riffs and overdone drum beats. I prefer my metal with a side of lyrics you can recognise as I feel it brings depth to the songs and music that does not sound almost identical on each track.

The pounding beats on “Pieces” remind of Slipknot and at times lead singer Mario Galdos’ vocals remind of Corey Taylor’s on this track. Galdos’ vocal style varies on the album and it shows that his voice is adaptable to different styles of rock which again reminds me of Corey Taylor in the sense that his vocals can vary from loud shouting to a more soothing softer variety of rock. It’s perfect for the metalcore genre, which typically involves screaming vocals but with the mix of clean vocals.

The track that stands out the most to me on the album is the title track and listening to the song, it is clear why this song was picked to be the lead single. As the title would suggest that song does contain a fair amount of screaming vocals but mixed well with a catchy chorus and spoken vocals to create a sense of intensity.

“Break Away” is probably the track that sways towards the mainstream more than the other tracks with no screaming vocals, apart from at the end of the song, but a catchy chorus of angst-fueled lyrics. It is a track to throw your arms in the air, dance to, and just let go.
The album would not be complete without a good ballad and this comes in the form of “Skin Deep”, a passionate song which like most ballads is built on guitar and piano. This song maybe a little bit cliché but remains a good song.

“Truth in Lies” is a purely instrumental track and is in my opinion one of the best tracks on the album. It really showcases the bands musical talent and even without lyrics the song still speaks. The track starts of soft and gradually builds a sense of urgency through the quickening of tempo of the guitars, harmonised guitar riffs, drop guitar tunings and the gradual prominence of the drums. It is the last track on the album and is a stylish way to end the album off. It gives the album a proper conclusion.

The album is very versatile and if you don’t enjoy sticking rigidly to one style of metal you will enjoy this album very much. It has a track for every mood and you will enjoy at least a handful of tracks even if you don’t enjoy the complete work.

Lamb of God – Resolution – Album Review

Lamb of God another metal band who has decided to churn out some more metal hits for the masses.  Well maybe not the masses but for those who have a penchant for American groove metal leaning towards the heavier side of the heavy metal scale.

The first single to be released from the album and the first song Lamb of God have released in almost two years Ghost Walking has been a received well by fans. For me the opening riff is a bit too similar to their hit redneck and therefore I feel it should not have been the first single released from the album.  I think this will put people off who are not massive Lamb of God fans though as they might dismiss the album and jump to the assumption that the band are a one trick pony without having listened to the album.

One of the best tracks off the album is The Number Six with its melodic yet screaming lyrics.  It’s one of the few songs that you can actually sing along to easily – for this reason it is my personal favourite off the album.  I like metal you can sing along to.

Insurrection again like The Number Six is one of the less heavy songs off the album.  When you can make out the lyrics you find that the lyrics are deep – When the walls fall around you is when you begin to find.  That the depths you have found have become now too hard to climb. You reconcile your pain in the loneliest refrain”.  In researching the band I came across an article by Loudwire which referred to Randy Blythe (the singer in the band) as an author but on further research I haven’t been able to find anything regarding his writing – inside joke maybe?

Cheated is full of growls and squeals in the typical Blythe style and is combined with fast pace drums and guitar that mimics the rhythm of the vocals.  It is musically and vocally aggressive.

Barbaraosa is an instrumental song build purely on two guitars.  It is a nice piece of music but there is something soothing yet gothically haunting about the song. The acoustic guitar plays steady soothing notes whilst the electric guitar uses distortion to bring a screeching unsettling feeling to the song.  I think it would depend what mood you were in on how you interpreted the song. 

The last track on the album King Me begins with soft acoustic notes on the guitar and spoken lyrics but just under two minutes in the growling vocals and heavy bass, drums and distortion.  Well it isn’t called heavy metal for nothing. The change of tone at the start of the track sets it aside from the other tracks on the album.

Resolution was released under the label Epic in the United States and over here it was released by Roadrunner Records who serve host to some of the most prestigious rock artists such as Slipknot and Kiss.

Blythe recently thanked fans for buying the album via the social network Twitter – Resolution sold 52,000 copies in its first week, debuting at no.3 on the Billboard 200 chart.  The album sold less than the previous album Wrath but Blythe broke the numbers down and presented that the drop in sales isn’t actually as bad the figures make it look and in fact metal fans are incredibly loyal to bands in this economic downturn compared to fans of other genres.

I enjoyed the album a lot more than I had anticipated but when it comes to this genre of metal in general I find it hard to get into because the lyrics aren’t are profound as they are in other types of metal.  However knowing how passionate the band are when it comes to musical politics I do not have any doubt that the lyrics are powerful once  you take the time to look them up.

The album seems perfect for head banging  and if that is what you look for in a band – head banging teamed with a bit of moshing when the occasion rises then you’ll love this album but if you look for a bit more in your metal then look elsewhere.