Lush – Ultrabland – Review

This was another of the samples I received from Lush a while back.  After the sales assistant mentally noted that I for one complaining about bad skin and two wearing a lot of makeup she decided I needed to try this.

She marketed it as more of a makeup remover but it is listed as a cleanser on the website.  I initially thought the product was called Ultrabutter but is is actually called Ultrabland.  The reason I thought this is because it is buttery in texture and is quite oily.  I was advised to use it at night rather than in the morning.

You only need a little bit of the product at a time because it is so rich in texture – it spreads far – just like butter. The way I use it is to simply rub is all over my face and then wash it off using a warm flannel.  The skin feels nourished afterwards as it lifts grease, dirt and makeup but without stripping the skin of its natural defences.  This is also means that if you have bad skin it will not aggravate it further.

  • Rose water and rose absolute reduce redness of the skin and balance and calm it.
  • Honey soothes, moisturises and is antiseptic.
  • Fresh irises steeped in the almond oil are an ancient skin beautifying ingredient.

 There is no need for a night cream when you have this little beauty.

£6.45 – for a 45g tub or £10.25 for an 100g tub.


Cosmetic Warrior – Fresh Face mask – Lush Review

This is the second review out of the free samples I received on my visit to Lush.  I have used Lush face mask’s before but I have never asked about which one would be best from my skin.  I usually just make a judgement on 1.  The smell of the product and 2. What the product card says.

The sales lady advised Cosmetic Warrior for my skin – dry and spotty.  Like most students.  As if university was not stressful enough.  Here is a product to make things a little less stressful.

The first thing that hits you about this product is the tea tree oil – one of my favourite products and one that is very good for combating spots.  I used to dab pure tea tree oil on my skin – little tip for anyone with bad skin. I can be rather nippy though.  In the face mask however though it isn’t nippy it makes the skin feel beautifully fresh.  Just like a lovely gust of cold wind has swept across your face.  The mask would go lovely with an iced mojito and a vivid imagination.

“Fresh white grapes clean and cool the skin. Fresh garlic and tea tree oil are antiseptic.
Fresh eggs tighten the texture of the skin. Honey softens and moisturises the skin and is also antimicrobal. We bind all of these ingredients together with kaolin and cornstarch to give the mask a smooth texture that goes on easily and does not drag or pull sore, sensitive skin. All of this means that Cosmetic Warrior fights spots and the causes of spots, without harming the natural balance of the skin and without creating puffiness”.
The further description suggests that the product smells really quite bad because of the garlic but I think the product smells really fresh – although it obviously doesn’t smell quite as good as the chocolate scented face mask cupcake.
You can almost feel the product working as it is on your face which is nice.  The sales lady also advised that you leave a little bit of the mask on over night if you have a particularly bad spot.  I haven’t tried this as of yet but I will once I invest in a larger tub of the product.