Download 2012 – Sunday Review – 10/06/2012

After four days of rain I had came to the conclusion that God simply did not like Rock n Roll and that it really was the music of Satan after all but it would appear that he was simply waiting for Black Sabbath before he allowed the sun to come out from behind the clouds.  It was anything but a black Sabbath.

I had spent four says complaining about the weather and I came home with sunburn.  Hilarious.  Sunday was the day I had been waiting for as I have spent years waiting to see Ozzy Osbourne since the last time I was scheduled to see him he had his accident. Super excited but I also seen some other great bands whilst waiting for the all mighty conclusion to Download 2012.

Heavens Basement

I didn’t see as much of this band as I wanted to since they were on early at 12.30 on the Sunday and the other slot they had earlier that weekend clashed with someone else but what I did see and hear was great.  I first seen this band supporting Papa Roach in Glasgow after much hype from friends who are fans of the band.  They impressed me then and I have been trying to follow the band since.  If you enjoy glam metal then get them added to your summer playlist.

Sabastian Bach

To hear hits like Youth Gone Wild and 18 and Life was exhilarating.  I have been a Skid Row fan for a while  not a hardcore fan but an admirer of their music and to hear the original lead singer was great. Mr Bach gave old songs a new lease of life and boy does he look great for his age.  It is hard for a girl to resist a classic rockstar when they aren’t too washed up looking. No disrespect  to Johnny Sollinger the current vocalist for Skidrow but it is always good to see an original. 

Lamb of God

I never thought I’d be a Lamb of God fan but their last album Resolution grew on me and with my manfriend being a big fan of the band and rushing down to the pits I decided to give the band a chance live.  I would usually walk on by making the statement that the band are too heavy for my taste but parking my ass on the grass and watching them from a distance was enjoyable.  Being far back from the crowd gives the benefit of being able to see the crowd and the crowd looked like they were having a fantastic time and I know from talking to people afterwards that it was one of the highlights of the weekend.  It is just a shame that a couple of weeks later lead singer Randy Blythe being imprisoned for allegedly attacking a fan in Prague which later led to the fans death.  There seems to have been a ton of support from the global Lamb of God fan base though.


This would be another band that the manfriend got me into after being made go see them at Sonisphere last year and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the band. Their style was completely different from what I had initially thought.  Tracks like A Tout Le Monde and Symphony of Destruction really excel live and of course there is ‘MegaDave’ who has cut his hair from the last time I seen him.

Black Sabbath

The highlight of my weekend and the band I came to Download to see.  If they hadn’t been playing on the Sunday I would have probably packed my bags and got out of the muddy hell of the camp-site.  Black Sabbath made the suffering in the mud and rain worth it though.  I have been waiting to see Ozzy Osbourne for years and with my age of 21 it is fairly obvious that I got into Black Sabbath because of the TV programme ‘At Home With the Osbournes’.  It was worth the wait though and the atmosphere was amazing.  The band and Ozzy were on top form.  Seeing Ozzy running about the stage and smiling like the crazy man he is was indescribable and it is now firmly on my top ten live gig moments.  They played all the hits the crowd wanted including Fairies Wear Boots, Snow Blind, War Pigs and finished with Paranoid.  But of course they also played Iron Man and the Iron Man himself Tony Iommi looked a picture of health and played as well as he has always done.  He done the band and the fans proud. 

To finish up with one of the greatest classic rock tracks in the form of  Paranoid was an excellent way to end the greatest rock festival. Download Festival 2012 – 10 Years of Download. 

Here’s to the next ten and no rain next years.  Who are you all wanting to see next year? 


Schools out for summer and now its time to rock out but what to listen to?

Summer can be a hard time for us pasty rock chicks – for one the sun is not kind to our complexion but it can also feel a little bit morbid to be walking about on a glorious sunny day with the angry echoes of Slipknot blasting away in your ears.

In the sun (it’s not raining) Download Festival: 2009

So get your suncream at hand for here are some tunes for the summer goth to embrace…

  1. Andrew W:K – The Get Wet album in general if I am being honest but to pick a few songs ‘Party Till You Puke’, ‘Party Hard’, ‘Ready to Party’, ‘She is Beautiful’ and ‘I Love New York City’.  These tracks will get you set for any summer parties/bbq’s you attend and regardless of the music choice of the host you will be pumped up enough to rock regardless.
  2. Black Sabbath – Iron Man – Anyone going to Download Festival this year will understand this choice.  One of the best and most profound bands in the business and despite playing the festival this year they deserve a space on this list.
  3. Skindred – Doom riff – Be set to swing your hips to big carnival drum beats.  If you practise Zumba even better – you can throw this track into your summer keep fit regime.
  4. Alanis Morissettte – Hand in My Pocket.  For me personally the summer always calls for a bit of Alanis.  I think it me subconsciously tapping into my hippy side.
  5. U2 – Beautiful Day.  Like marmite you either love this band or hate them.  I feel the same about Muse but we wont go there.  Regardless of whether you like the band or their politics its a good song to get yourself going in the morning.
  6. Bon Jovi – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.  This should be your motto this summer. Get out there! Go Explore. Oh, you can’t be bothered?  I don’t care.  Live a little.
  7. Volbeat – Sad Man’s Tongue.  Come June/July I start listening to a lot of country music – I don’t know why it’s like a primal urge.  For this entry it was a toss up between Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash or Volbeat.  I feel Carrie Underwood would have lost me street cred and everyone already knows to listen to Johnny Cash – hence Volbeat, one of the most underrated bands ever!
  8. ZZ Top – La Grange.  Carrying on with the country vibe but this one comes with a whole lot of swag.
  9. Blink 182 – Carousel.  The new American Pie movie is being released and no summer would be complete with a some punk and a whole load of reminiscing about past summers.
  10. Pendulum – Propane Nightmares.  I felt this list was lacking a dance track.  With summer being notoriously linked to Ibiza and rave culture it only felt right to add an edgy dance track in here or if you don’t fancy this check out Pendulum covering Master of Puppets.

What would you add in here? Which song’s make your summer?