Benefit – Lemon Aid – Colour Correcting Eyelid Primer

I discovered this product through nosing in one of my flatmate’s makeup bag – as you do.  Well as any girl with a love of makeup does, no?

Recently I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid so it is safe to say that I have been one tired girl and did I mention I also have a dissertation to complete?  I’m so tired these days that yesterday I fell up a flight of stairs and today I walked away from a checkout without having paid for my shopping.  It would appear I’m not only a bit ill but also a bundle of embarrassment.

This level of tiredness also has the side effect of looking like ‘hot shit’ most days.  The glazed over look is one that is becoming my normal look. 

Lemon Aid by Benefit is helping brighten my face up a little though – even if that is the only thing bright about me on that given day.

Like all Benefit products it comes in the kitch little box and cute tub.  At this point I would also like to mention that I got this as a bargain on eBay for £5.00 and not the retail price of £16.50 but if you have some spare money this is a good product to have in your makeup bag.

You can either wear Lemon Aid as either a colour corrector for your eyelids or as an eyelid primer for under eyeshadow.

I bought it to wear as a colour corrector – my eyelids are rather red in tone these days and the yellow shade helps make them look normal again.  Well, actually better than normal – lovely bright eyes.

It works really well as an eyeshadow primer too though –

As you can see super shimmery eyelids – this usually does not look this good. I usually end up with shimmer in all the wrong places like smeared across my face.  Lemon Aid holds the eyeshadow in place and even after a gig in a sweaty venue it was still in place! Hooray! 

If you enjoy both shimmer and live music – then get this! Even if you only wear it to gigs.


Blusher Wheel – Satin Finish Powder Blusher – Marks and Spencer’s

Marks and Spencer’s is never somewhere I would associate with makeup – to me it is more yummy food and nice lingerie – but they do sell makeup.
I found the Satin Finish Powder Blush on eBay – I just did a general search for a pink blusher and bidding was starting at £0.99.  I think it got it for about £3.  It retails at £9.50.

I have become accustomed to buying Borjois blusher and although it is good blusher I grudge paying £8 for it and I fancied a change.

As you can see it comes in a lovely compact with brush and has three shades of pinks to either mix or wear separate.  I like the idea that with this you can vary your blusher but without having to use a couple different blushers.   There is also a version with more bronze hues for those who enjoy the tanned look or have dark skin.

I usually wear a block colour on my cheeks but after experimenting with a wheel of colour it is something I will be doing a lot more in the future.  Through using different colours you can define your face a lot better and blusher does not look as stripey – if like me you wear loads of blusher!
As you can see from the photo it does have the potential to be a very bright pink blusher but if you did not use as much of the brightest pink colour it would be more subtle.  The nude colour is great to use a highlighter also.

It is a good quality product which makes me think that Marks and Spencer’s makeup might be underrated.  Anyone else had any experience with their makeup?