The Answer to My Sore Skin Woes, with Origins.

For the last three months…and ten year, I have been battling with Acne.  Over the years it has come and gone but the last year has seen a resurgence, that at times I just do not have the energy to battle.  I had almost thrown the towel in, and accepted that I will always have ‘ahem’ crap skin.  

I have been on anti-biotics for nearly three months, they have cleared up the particularly spotty area that I had on my chin, but I now have spots on my cheeks – an area which I have never been prone to spots. I can’t say if they have done the job or not, they have helped a little but the results are not what I expected from being medicated for three months.  The only thing left on the Doctors list is Roaccutane – a very powerful acne medication with notorious side-effects, I have been avoiding it since I were twelve.  Part of me wishes I had taken Roaccutane when I was younger, as now I am simply too scared.  I don’t have time for more side-effects, my under-active thyroid gives me enough of them to keep me occupied.

However, I may have found something that works for me.  Last week I was offered a facial from the ever glamorous Jen who works over at the Origins counter, next to me in work.  She had to practice for her test the next day and I got to get pampered on my lunch break – certainly a perk of working in the beauty department.  

My lunch break has never felt the same since.  A bland salad cannot compete with laying under a blanket, and having wonderful potions soothingly put on your face.  Jen done a fabulous job, my skin felt – I want to say how skin should feel. My skin felt like skin again, and not that achy dry pallet I apply make-up to. 

Before the facial I was consulted about my skin, so that the appropriate products which could benefit me were used.  This would be very beneficial for anyone who is unsure of their skin type, or does not where to start with a healthy skin care regime.

My current skin care regime revolves around whatever products I fancy using on that given day, mainly products from Lush.  I do love Lush skincare and other great brands, and I’m not saying anything negative in regards to them, but nothing has worked with such pace and effectiveness for my skin as the Mega Mushroom Collection by Dr Andrew Weils for Origins

At the time of my facial I had big red blotches (spots) on both my cheeks – they were inflamed and sore. Jen (being the star that she is) took note of my current problem and tailored my facial around Dr Weils which helps irritated skin.

The product that has wowed me the most is the Mega-mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask (when I heard mega-mushroom I made a bit of a face also).  I always take skin care with a pinch of salt, as I have learnt not to expect miracles when it comes to my skin, but I noticed a change in my skin within the first use.  Those red blotches shrunk and the redness was reduced.  After further usage they are almost gone.

Clinically proven to visibly reduce redness.After one use:
√ 92% of those tested agreed it helps uncomfortable, dry skin feel better. 

It is expensive though, coming in at £34.00.  Usually I wouldn’t spend that much on a face-mask because I can’t really afford to spend that much on one product but I whole heartedly recommend anyone with acne or blemishes to try this.

In the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing the Dr Weil’s collection more in depth, as it really deserves a post all of it’s own.

Origins at the moment are offering complimentary facials and I highly recommend all you beauty bloggers out there take advantage of it, because you could learn a lot about your skin type and your skin will feel gorgeous afterwards. If you are from Glasgow come to John Lewis, the Origins girls are all really nice – and then you can come chat to me afterwards, maybe buy some sunglasses ‘wink’. 


Aqua Marina Cleaner – Lush – Review

Recently my flatmates and myself made a little trip to Lush after we decided we were going to have a hair dyeing and face mask night. I wish the hair dyeing had been as successful as our trip to Lush.

I rave on about Lush as you may have noticed but I usually stick to the same products.  I wanted to try something different so I asked the sales lay for some samples. Well I call her a sales lady but she did not end up selling us anything but instead gives us lots of samples of the products we enquired about and threw some extra products in to what turned out to be a rather large goodie bag. 
It was such a pleasant shopping experience.  At no point did I feel pressured to purchasing anything and I went in with the intentions of purchasing a face mask and getting one free sample of the Aqua Marina Cleanser.

I first tried the Aqua Marina Cleanser years ago.  It was one of the first products I ever bought from Lush but it didn’t make much of an impact on me back then.  I think it was because my skin was so bad with acne back then that anything that did not immediately make my skin like porcelain was rendered useless but I had a better experience with it this time.

The sales lady advised me that with my skin being quite dry it was probably not the best product for my skin as its got calamine powder in it but she gave me a little sample anyways and another cleanser that is more suited to my skin type.

As you can see from the photo it looks almost like an obscure piece of sushi due to the seaweed but the seaweed is my favourite part as its so obviously a natural ingredient and this makes me drawn towards putting it on my face.  Don’t ask me why – I don’t know.

To use the cleanser you break a little bit off and run it under warm water to mix, until it becomes like a milky paste. Give your face a  good rubadubdub and then rinse it off. Pat dry – ala! Pretty face!

It leaves you skin really soft and calm feeling – if like me you have irritated skin.  I don’t feel the cleanser has dried my skin out but it does leave it feeling a little bit tight across the cheeks but not as tight as soap does.  I am going to compare it to the Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser and then made a final judgement on which one I think is better.

Oh and if you are interested in the hair dyeing – my roots turned a gingery blonde colour whilst the rest of my hair remained dark brown and my flatmate’s turned bright blonde rather than a medium shade of blonde.  The Lush experience was far more relaxing.