Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and my lovely boyfriend decided to treat me and take me to London for it and then surprised me further by booking the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  It was magical (sorry I had to).  It was really great though and strangely we picked a really good [...]


Mia Klose – London

The last time I spoke about Mia Klose, I referred to her arrival on the music scene as "the return of chick rock with balls" based on her sample EP.   When I saw that her debut EP, London, was finally finished I was filled with excitement to review it.  It has been a while since a [...]

Mia Klose – The Return of Chick Rock With Balls.

Finally there is some chick rock on the scene that isn't all about having a broken heart and executing revenge in a brutal yet whiny manner.  Mia Klose has brought the balls back to chick rock circa Joan Jett and The Runaways.  Despite having Mia on twitter @Mia_Klose I didn't pay much attention to her [...]

You sound like you’re from LANDAN

Being a Scottish girl it has become apparent to me over the last couple of years of my life that when it comes to people they either love London or they hate it more than anywhere else in the world.  Especially in the Scotland there is a definitely a divide opinions when it comes to [...]