Nails Inc – 7 Polishes for £17

One of the best things about Twitter is finding out beauty news that you previously would not have found out, such as free samples and sales.  Last week alone I found out via Twitter that The Body Shop had 40% off and Illamasque were having a 50% off sale to celebrate reaching a milestone on Twitter.

I find it is usually through fellow tweeters that you find out this exciting info rather than through the companies themselves.  My Nails Inc bargain is an example of this.

A twitter friend of mine posted about getting seven Nails Inc polishes for £17 a couple of months back which was met by response of ‘Where?’.  Sadly I was too late, as the deal was only on for a day or two, but I subscribed to the website so that I would be notified when the deal was next on.

The deal at hand is 7 ‘random’ polishes from Nails Inc for £17, considering one polish alone is £12 this is a great deal. I also really like the fact that you don’t get to pick the polishes. I have found myself more than once spending forever in the nail polish aisle ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over different colours, and in the end I leave with nothing.  I can usually never make my mind up, of course I already own an excess amount of polishes therefore not helping the selection process.

Nails Inc took this tough decision away from me, it’s also exciting not knowing which colours you are going to get through the door. Obviously you do run the risk of receiving polishes that you do not like, but thankfully I was lucky with my selection.

1. Chester Street.
2.Great Tichfield Street.
3.Royal Opera Arcade – Nail Jewellery.
4. Franklins Row.
5.Richmond Terrace.
6.Gatwick – Matte Finish.
7.Roland Gardens.

I love that there was a matte finish polish and one of the glitter polishes in my order.  I have been wanting to try the Nails Inc glitter polishes for a while. As usual all the polishes are up to the Nails Inc standard and have great staying power.  If you fancy getting your hands on this deal next time around sign up for the Nails Inc newsletter.


Guest Post for Pampered Prince

When Andy over at Pampered Prince advertised for guest bloggers I jumped at the chance having never done this kind of thing before and having really admired his blog.

The blogsphere is so overloaded with female beauty bloggers that Andy is the only male beauty blogger on my list which alone makes him stand out but his blog is rather fabulous to boot. He is a great supporter of British and natural beauty products and despite being male his blog is not just for men. Go on have a nosey.

You can find my guest post here:

Where I review the Nails Inc Kensington Cavier Top Coat and discuss whether a topcoat is really necessary.

Models Own – Magenta Divine – Pink Glitter Polish

After months of writing my dissertation I decided I would treat myself to some new nail polish.  I have been eyeing up the Models Own nail polishes ever since my friend Fiona reviewed their polishes on her blog. (I wrote this blog post in May but forgot to take photo’s of the nails before taking the polish off). 

I’m a sucker for glitter nail polish.  It just makes me super happy to find a hot pink glitter polish for every so often I like to dive into gothic barbie mode.   

As you can see from it is a bottle it is a polish designed in Barbie’s dreams but unlike the Ibiza Mix reviewed previously this polish is more similar to the Barry M polishes as it covers the whole base coat and makes the nail fully glittery. Who say’s this is a bad thing though?

I teamed Magenta Divine with Wellington Street by Nails Inc.

Which resulted in this:  

P:S I have five fingers I am just crap at taking photo’s. 

I would say this polish has a greater stay than the Ibiza Mix as I managed to keep the polish on for over week with only having to touch up the tips once.

My experience with Models Own polishes has been delightful so far and I would recommend giving their polishes a try despite them being a little bit more expensive than some other brands. 

Best of British – Jubilee Beauty Special

1.  Soap and Glory and their charming products. 

A fairly new company only beginning in 2006 but is one that will be staying for a long time.  All products come in beautiful pink packaging with black and white photo’s on them.  Very 1950’s.  

The products range from the face wash I will review below to a make-up range that was launched last year.

Face Soap and Clarity – £6.13.

I have been using product since December 2011 at least once a day and it still is not finished.  I usually grudge spending over £3.00 on a face wash but I was defiantly be buying this again in the future since it lasts that long and is a good quality face wash.

The wash has a non-drying formula and contains superfruit plum skin brightening complex – so no squeaky  textured skin.  

The reason this product lasts so long is because of how little of it you need to use at a time.  Unlike some face washes that say ‘use a pea-sized amount’ and you end up needing to use a lot more this one you really do only need a ‘pea-sized amount’.

2.  Johnson’s Baby and their Baby Wipes. 

 A staple in any festival-goers luggage and a necessity for anyone with a baby.  When people think baby wipes they think Johnson’s because they have the reputation of being the best.  The wipes contain no alcohol so will not dry out your skin and are made of 97% pure water with just a touch of baby lotion. I occasionally buy a packet of these rather than cleansing wipes as they do the job just as good and at £2.39 for a pack of 64 you can’t complain there.

3.  N-spa and their indulgent beauty products.

This company do the most decadent bubble bath perhaps ever – such as gingerbread latte and hot butter fudge bath – and for this reason are one of my favourite British beauty companies.  The N in N-Spa stands for Nirvana and this is an apt description.  The bubble baths are great for winding down after a stressful week as they smell so great and leave your skin feeling moisturised.  

As the name suggests there is an actual spa but I have not been to it but the bubble baths make you feel like you have been at a spa for a little while.  I have used their bubble baths, body scrubs and a lovely mint foot cream of theirs.  Everything I have used has been top quality and lasts a while.  Body Scrubs start at £2 which is great considering some body scrubs cost £8.  

4.  Nails Inc – Nailing Britain’s Nail Needs.

A regular in my blog posts and one of my favourite nail companies due to their high quality nail polish.  I have tried so many nail polishes over the years including Chanel and I’m not afraid to say that an expensive nail polish does not make a good nail polish.  However Nails Inc even though a little bit expensive at on average £8 a polish do provide a well lasting nail polish.  The polish is thick enough so that you only need one coat and there are so many amazing colours to chose from. 

Being British a lot of the polishes are named after London streets and for the Jubilee there is a special edition glitter nail polish of red, white and blue.

5. Original Source – Natural Showering.

All Original Source products are made from natural ingredients and they smell wonderful.  The Jubilee edition to Original Source contains no other than the famous British fruit – the strawberry – to make your mouth water and your skin smell like an afternoon at Wimbledon but if Strawberry is not for you then there is a wide range of other scents such as mint and tea-tree. 

Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix on Victoria by Nails Inc

A girl can never have too many nail-polishes well that is what I tell myself.  My post-dissertation spending spree involved buying two Models Own nail-polishes since they were 2 for £8 or £5 for one – seemed a shame to not buy too.

I have been in the market for a while for a nice basic glitter nail-polish so when my magpie eyes seen the Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix polish from Models Own I knew it had to be mine.

I would find myself going into Boots after work to look at and then deciding that I couldn’t validate spending £8 on nail polish but my dissertation provided me with an excuse.

As you can see its a nice multi-coloured glitter with golds, blues, greens and a slight hint of lilac.  The glitter pieces are not equally shaped so the bigger pieces catch the eye.  Different from the typical glitter polishes that cover the whole nail – with this polish you can still see the base polish.

 Here it is modelled by my flatmate Victoria of Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding on Victoria from Nails Inc – whole lot of Victoria going on here but in my biased opinion that is never a bad thing.

When I first bought the polish I tried it on a coral polish and it was all a bit too much and the harshness of the coral overpowered the glitter.  It definitely works better on darker polishes.  I have been wearing it on a dark teal green and it works really well on that and it works well on the dark reds like Victoria by Nails Inc. No.7 and Collection 2000 do a colour very similar and cheaper to Victoria.
The polish its self has good lasting power and does not chip too easily but does take a little while to dry and I would advise on doing two coats but allowing one to fully dry first before applying the second coat other wise it just becomes gloopy. 
Models Own have a variety of glitter polishes at the moment and I prefer them to the Barry M glitter polishes.  I will next be reviewing Magenta Divine on Wellington Street by Nails Inc.