Skagboys – Irvine Welsh – Review

Since I read Trainspotting and Porno after renting them from the library the next town over during my high school years I have been yearning the release of a sequel to explain the madness and destruction that was prominent in the first two books about Welsh’s most famous set of characters. The sequel came in the form of Skagboys.

Renton, Begbie, Sickboy, Tommi and Spud.

As I expected the book would its main focus was on Renton the protagonist in both Trainspotting and Porno and it was interesting in learning about his childhood and how he ended up being a smack head.  What made Rent-boy’s story so interesting is the normality of it.  His story is not far off reality for a lot of people but this is why people love reading Welsh’s work – the gritty realism.

I have read nearly all of Welsh’s work and I can say that Skagboys is tame in comparison to some of his other works such as Filth which as the title would suggest is utter Filth – a great book but utterly disgusting. I was surprised to hear that Filth is being made into a film – straight to DVD I assume.  If it is not I will keel over in surprise.  Anyone who has read the book will know which part I am referring to.

I enjoyed Skagboys but if you are as familiar with Welsh’s work as I am then do not get your hopes up in it being the next Trainspotting or Porno.   I don’t think Welsh will ever write a book as good as them but then again he does not need to.  He has made such a name for himself that he could release anything and people would buy it.  I would do the same if I were him.

Renton’s rehab diaries are both sad in their realistic approach to rehab but humorous due to the in your face realism.  If you didn’t laugh you would cry is the approach here.

The characters stories are warming to hear but at times the book gets confusing because it is hard to tell who is the voice in the chapter.  I think this would be even more confusing for those that are not familiar with Welsh’s work.   The length of the book is questionable too.  I could be wrong but I think it is the longest book Welsh has ever wrote and if not it felt like it.  Usually I cannot put his books down but Skagboys although I liked it I found it hard to get through.

I feel bad not giving this book a glowing review because Welsh is my favourite author and wrote my favourite book which happens to be Porno but I felt I had to give it an honest review as the author if anything is honest in what he says. Skagboys is a honest review of what growing up in Edinburgh was like 1980’s during the economic downturn and there are parallels of that in Edinburgh today.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Review

On seeing the trailer for this film I cringed.  The trailer alone made me cringe but my friend over at Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding is a sucker for bad films so we went to see it one Orange Wednesday with the agreement that we would also see Dark Shadows.

I am not at all child friendly and I judge young people with kids – I am in no way having a baby in the near future. I’d rather cut off my arm. Please do not come at me defending yourself if you are a young parent because if you weren’t a young parent you would probably be in the judging crowd also. I’m just getting out there that I’m not broody.  At all. Give me a puppy over a baby any day. 
However I did enjoy this film.  Mainly because it looked at a lot of the funny things that pregnancy brings which no one on my facebook with child ever speaks of. I talk about all the crap that I face in my life as a graduate but no funny baby stories or stories of being woke up at 5am and wanting to kill said child?  I like a good hard side of realism with my pregnancy and  baby stories.  I think that is why I am such a cynic about young Mum’s.  I do not believe the keeping up appearances that Facebook allows. 
This film strips away that pretence though and looks at pregnancy from all angles – the good and the bad.  You will laugh out loud and you’ll have a little weep both happy and sad. I haven’t seen realism like this since Marinda was pregnant in Sex and the City.  I feel pregnancy is very sugar-coated these days. 
It’s a good girly film for those with or without children and then there is a half naked Joe Manganiello to oogle at – so you’ll come away having enjoyed the film in some respects.

A Stereotypical Girls Review of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

It was the boy’s birthday this week so we went to see Marvel’s Avengers Assemble despite all the hype it was not a film I was that fussed about going to see but after seeing it I am glad I did.  It is without a doubt one of the best films of the year.

Before the film I knew very little about any of the characters since as far as superhero’s are concerned I am a Batman fan and even at that I do not claim to know everything about Batman.  So I am not going to pretend I know loads about The Avengers.  I don’t.

(Sometime’s I am too cool)

The most I know is how fabulous Scarlett Johansson’s curves are and that I despised Tony Stark in the first Iron Man film.  His arrogance annoyed me and I felt sorry for Pepper – typical female reaction to the film – but he grew on me during the second film and his character was amazing in The Avengers.

Stark’s character a lot of the humour in the film and I feel the humour in the film is what gives the film its oomph.  His humour is largely based on his arrogance but once you get used to the fact he is super arrogant it becomes funny.

Usually superhero films have the odd line that makes you chuckle but this film was packed with funny one-liners, throughout.  Most of what I recall from the film is the funny one liners and of course the fact that most of the male cast are very handsome. There is a man for all types of women in this film I’d say.  For me it is the tall, dark and handsome Iron Man – the fact he has a Black Sabbath T-shirt is just the icing on the cake and. also created my favourite reference in the film.

The other members of the Avengers Assemble: Captain America, The Hulk (I didn’t even realise he was in the film until he turned green), Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye I knew basically nothing about them prior to the film but lack of knowledge didn’t make the film any less great however I suspect there is a lot of jokes I simply did not pick up on.

The film is heavily action based but its’s not a boring action film.  Its the one film genre that I am not a massive fan of – all the fighting and special effects are lost on me but despite being heavily action based it still manages to captures the imagination and I didn’t switch off when all the fighting started.

The characters are well developed, in such a short space of time I might add, that you actually care what happens to them and in line with most super hero films there are elements of real life in both the characters and the story.  There are real life bad guys and real life good guys and the two will always have conflict – and the normal people like you and I will always want the good guy to ‘save the world’.

In real life this does not always happen and in this current world spread economic downturn it is nice to see the good guys overcoming evil.  It is nice to see some colour in a rather grey world.


Olay Essentials Daily Face Cloths and Face Scrub

I picked these up in Tesco a while back since they were on the reduced items shelf at under £2.  I didn’t need cleansing cloths but at that price I could not say no.  I also picked up the cleansing scrub for around the same price.

When I usually buy cleansing cloths it is usually of the wipe variety rather than these that you run under the tap to lather them up.  Because you actually use water I have found that your skin feels a lot cleaner than it does when simply using cleansing wipes – there is no sort of residue that you can get with cleansing wipes.  They even remove water-proof mascara.
The cloths are finely textured which serves to exfoliate the skin and they are completely soap free.

The more I use them the more that I think they would be great for a festival because you could wet the cloths with a bottle of water and give your face a proper wash and then just rinse off the soap from the cloth to use it to wash the soap from your face.  Maybe an idea if you are a festival goers like myself.

The matching face scrub is alright – it is not my favorite of face scrubs because the micro beads are really quite small and I do not feel it exfoliates my skin enough.  If you have good skin though then I think this would be a great face scrub.  However what is lovely about it is the smell.  It has that lovely Olay moisturiser smell.  I cannot describe it but its a gorgeous scent and it.  I have just found it on the Superdrug website for £1.42 – so a bargain really considering some face washes are like £5.

Benefit – Lemon Aid – Colour Correcting Eyelid Primer

I discovered this product through nosing in one of my flatmate’s makeup bag – as you do.  Well as any girl with a love of makeup does, no?

Recently I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid so it is safe to say that I have been one tired girl and did I mention I also have a dissertation to complete?  I’m so tired these days that yesterday I fell up a flight of stairs and today I walked away from a checkout without having paid for my shopping.  It would appear I’m not only a bit ill but also a bundle of embarrassment.

This level of tiredness also has the side effect of looking like ‘hot shit’ most days.  The glazed over look is one that is becoming my normal look. 

Lemon Aid by Benefit is helping brighten my face up a little though – even if that is the only thing bright about me on that given day.

Like all Benefit products it comes in the kitch little box and cute tub.  At this point I would also like to mention that I got this as a bargain on eBay for £5.00 and not the retail price of £16.50 but if you have some spare money this is a good product to have in your makeup bag.

You can either wear Lemon Aid as either a colour corrector for your eyelids or as an eyelid primer for under eyeshadow.

I bought it to wear as a colour corrector – my eyelids are rather red in tone these days and the yellow shade helps make them look normal again.  Well, actually better than normal – lovely bright eyes.

It works really well as an eyeshadow primer too though –

As you can see super shimmery eyelids – this usually does not look this good. I usually end up with shimmer in all the wrong places like smeared across my face.  Lemon Aid holds the eyeshadow in place and even after a gig in a sweaty venue it was still in place! Hooray! 

If you enjoy both shimmer and live music – then get this! Even if you only wear it to gigs.