Download 2012 – Saturday – 09/06/2012 – Review

Rain, Mud and Rock n Roll - Part TwoThe rain continued through Friday night and continued on and off throughout the Saturday but it was nothing that a burrito, a poncho, wellies and welly socks couldn't fight.I went into the arena early afternoon on the Saturday afternoon since we had Guest Area passes with good [...]


Bands to Keep an Eye On – The Treatment

The Treatment have over the last month become one of my favourite bands.  After seeing them support Steel Panther,on their Ball's Out tour,I was instantly hooked.  Despite the band's baby faces they play like have been on the rock scene for decades.  Prior to the gig I was told that they were like a 'heavier' [...]

Steel Panther – Live Review – Glasgow 28/03/12

Any excuse to back-comb my hair and wear an excessive amount of glitter and leopard print (also known as being extremely tacky) and I’m there but a Steel Panther gig gave me a valid reason to rock the tackiness up a notch. On questioning my flatmate on whether my outfit was tacky enough the response [...]