Lush – Seanik – Solid Shampoo Bar – Review

I have pondered the wonder of the solid shampoo bar for a long time, always humming and hawing about whether to actually purchase one, despite being told they last longer than a typical bottle of shampoo.  After I handed my dissertation in I decided to treat myself.  I would usually reach for a nice soapy bubble bar but my flat has no bath.
There are a few different bars to choose from but I went with Seanik because as the name suggests it smells like the sea and it contains sea-salt which I was told by the lady in Lush is good for volume – something my hair badly lacks – it is as limp as a bit of seaweed. 

As you can see it looks a little bit like a blue macaron. 

Other ingredients are: 

  • Irish Moss and Nori Seaweed – to soften the hair.
  • Lemon Oil – for shine.
  • Mimosa Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute and Jasmine Absolute – for a light fresh feeling.

The bar works just the same way a bar of soap does and does not take much to get lathered up and you really do not need to use a lot of it in your hair.  I always wash my hair twice but when using this you could easily only wash your hair once because it gives you hair such a deep cleanse but it does leave your hair feeling a bit too squeaky clean in texture so I use my typical conditioner afterwards but if you don’t use conditioner you will probably see the benefits such as volume more. 

It would be handy if you travel about a lot as it takes up a lot less room than a bulky bottle of shampoo and I would be good for a festival I am considering taking mine to Download Festival so help get all the dirt out of my hair!

I would like to use it with a condition from Lush such as American Cream as I have been told that is is really good for dry hair. Anyone any experience of Lush conditioners?


Lush – Ultrabland – Review

This was another of the samples I received from Lush a while back.  After the sales assistant mentally noted that I for one complaining about bad skin and two wearing a lot of makeup she decided I needed to try this.

She marketed it as more of a makeup remover but it is listed as a cleanser on the website.  I initially thought the product was called Ultrabutter but is is actually called Ultrabland.  The reason I thought this is because it is buttery in texture and is quite oily.  I was advised to use it at night rather than in the morning.

You only need a little bit of the product at a time because it is so rich in texture – it spreads far – just like butter. The way I use it is to simply rub is all over my face and then wash it off using a warm flannel.  The skin feels nourished afterwards as it lifts grease, dirt and makeup but without stripping the skin of its natural defences.  This is also means that if you have bad skin it will not aggravate it further.

  • Rose water and rose absolute reduce redness of the skin and balance and calm it.
  • Honey soothes, moisturises and is antiseptic.
  • Fresh irises steeped in the almond oil are an ancient skin beautifying ingredient.

 There is no need for a night cream when you have this little beauty.

£6.45 – for a 45g tub or £10.25 for an 100g tub.