Belle De Jour Interview

Belle De Jour InterviewVictoria McEwanTwitter is a wonderful platform when it comes to casually striking up a conversation with ‘famous people’. Even more wonderful when someone actually responds and you can run off and tell your friends about it; as if to say that person is now a close friend. Having chatted to Brooke Magnanti [...]


Adventures and Talking With Robots

Adventures and Talking With Robots – Post for The Wigtown Book Festival BlogThe weirdness that encompasses the world is something that a lot of us would not have any qualms admitting we are incredibly curious about; those that claim otherwise are liars.  Reality TV would not be such a hit if this were the case.  [...]

“and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?

To have got to the end of  my adventure into the depths of the book wonderland that is Wigtown, and to have not mentioned the bookshop’s feels almost like a crime.  Perhaps, I am in denial about how many books I returned home with.  The answer is twelve, twelve books.  Two or three books I [...]

Laura Ashley Skirts and Acoustic Guitars – The Train in The Night Review

Being a music critic demands one skill above most: being able to listen to and understand music. But what happens when you are faced with the double tragedy of not being able to hear music the way you once did and it causing you actual physical pain. Nick Coleman has been a music critic for [...]

Scottish PEN

In the United Kingdom we tend to take our freedom of expression for granted. Most of us have grown up being able to say what we want and with very little consequence if we do say something that is out of turn.  As much as us brits love to complain we should be thankful that [...]