The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Glamorous Amorous Tour – Edinburgh Fringe

Attempting to start this post without opening with a line like ‘rock out with your cock not out’ has been hard. It’s difficult beating around the bush and not going balls deep to the glaring question everyone want’s to know.

So, what the hell, let’s start with talk of men dressed as women.
Putting the show to one side for a moment (which is wonderful by the way and I’ll get to it later obviously), a lot of people are interested in The Lady Boys of Bangkok out of sheer intrigue. The show centres around men dressed up as women, and in turn gives women a bit of a showing up by looking better than a lot of naturally born females do – myself included. I knew I should have worn more glitter.
But where’s is the…y’know…
Carefully tucked away it would seem, these ladyboy’s have no more bulge than the everyday woman. However, you do get to see the Ladyboy’s in their natural boy form during the show also, which boggles the brain a little. It may also makes you want to weep as they manage to look stunning as both sexes, whilst most of struggle to get it together as one.
According to my friend with whom I attended the show there is a Youtube video which will show you how the tucking away process is done. I haven’t watched it, but if it intrigues you that much…
She has better legs than me, and can dance without falling in her heels.


Now that we have got to grips with that, on with the show.  The show itself is spectacular: there’s singing, dancing, and a whole lot of sequins. The LadyBoys of Bangkok show makes the perfect cabaret show. The first half of the show includes chart hits such as Gangnam Style and Girls Aloud, but the second half of the shows covers all the disco classics such as ‘I Will Survive’, musically the show caters for everyone. It is a fun evening out, to indulge in your cheesy side.

The show was held in the purpose built Sabai Pavillion with Thai kitchen – which in itself is stunning and brings an oriental feel to the show with the elaborate décor and the smell of Thai food . It was nice to watch a show at a table with a nice glass of wine rather than in a traditional row balancing your handbag and drinks on your lap.

What surprised me the most about the show, other than how painfully beautiful the cast are, is how funny it was. For some reason I didn’t expect the show to be that funny – it’s hilarious.  The audience ‘participation’ gave a lot of belly laughs.

As if the show wasn’t perfect enough The LadyBoy’s added a personal touch by ending with Runrig, which is the unofficial Scottish National Anthem. The show had no downs, just lots of wonderful highs. A perfect show.

The Ladyboy’s are still on tour: Tour Dates.
And many thanks to Terri Lowe.


Elemis Skin Lab

It is all good and well having a sales assistant tell you what your skin needs, or what could possible help your skin with whatever problems it might be facing.  I personally feel a cup of tea can solve any problem faced, but if my acne ridden skin could speak for itself it would tell you otherwise, whilst sobbing to itself and then laughing at the use of the word ‘faced’. 

The beauty world these days is saturated with skincare brands and each one will have their own unique selling point, promising to solve your skincare issues, however even if the sales assistant is wonderful and the brand is known world over, I often find it hard to part with my cash based just on sales chat alone. 

This is where Elemis has a lead on the skincare market: the Elemis skin lab can pinpoint exactly which products will benefit your skin through scanning it to see where your skin needs a little TLC. The wonderful Michelle at Elemis (John Lewis, Glasgow) done my skin-lab for me to see which Elemis products could help my skin. 

I have been on and off medication since I was nine for acne, and I am at the moment on antibiotics and have been for the last six months. My next step medication wise is Roaccutane – which I refuse to go on due to the horrendous side-effects. I am therefore on a skin-care mission, to solve this problem without medication.

“Defined by nature. Led By Science”.
“Elemis invests in cutting-edge technology to find breakthrough development techniques, which can be used to draw the most active ingredients from natural resources. It is this relationship between nature and science that allows Elemis to create multi-active, efficacy trialled formulations to ensure maximum therapeutic activity in every product. Elemis’ determination to find the ‘next generation’ in medicinal skin science ensures that the brand continues to meet the ever-changing needs of the client”.

The skin lab will show you whether your skin is dehydrated, sun-damaged, wrinkly, spotty – and so on. We might think we know our own skin, but half the time it is based on guess work and what sales assistants have told you – well that is what my skin knowledge is based on. The skin lab shows you exactly where your skin problems lie.

Spots: can be referring to acne, any marking/scaring on the skin surface, blackheads, whiteheads, and/or damage caused by pollution in the air.
Wrinkles: shows how dratted your skin is.
Texture: Blue = dehydration & Yellow = Oil production.
Pores: Clustered together can mean dryness.
Brown Spots: UVB damage which is reversible. Freckles/moles are in fact pigmentation if you don’t have them age 0-13.
Red Areas:  Sensitivity.

As you can see my skin is really quite dehydrated and sensitive. But I have near to none sun damage. 

However the magic part of the skin lab experience is when the lab prints you off a list of products that have been proven to help your skin type.  Elemis treats each customer as an individual, as we all have different skin care needs.

The lab prints out a lot of products but the lovely Michelle went through the list and pinpointed the ones that would help me the most/products within my price range. One of the products I was recommended is SOS Emergency  Cream.

£51 – Available at all Elemis Counters.
This ultra-rich moisturising cream is an intense soothing and hydrating boost for parched, weathered or sunburnt skin. The Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream contains a time-honoured synergy of Myrrh (soldiers of ancient Greece used to rub this into their wounds to promote rapid healing) including:
  • Meadowsweet
  • Willow
  • Patchouli
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
It is a beautiful thick cream which leaves the skin feeling nourished and calm, I love using this cream after a day under the air-conditioning at work or after wearing a lot of make-up.   If your skin is prone to feeling a little tender then this is a great product for you.
If you are interested in getting a skin lab done – Scottish bloggers can pop along to see either Michelle or Jo at John Lewis (Glasgow).  Who will take excellent care of you, and let you smell all the lovely products – I do this most days.  The apricot toner is lush. 
Other UK bloggers – online directory:


Nails Inc – 7 Polishes for £17

One of the best things about Twitter is finding out beauty news that you previously would not have found out, such as free samples and sales.  Last week alone I found out via Twitter that The Body Shop had 40% off and Illamasque were having a 50% off sale to celebrate reaching a milestone on Twitter.

I find it is usually through fellow tweeters that you find out this exciting info rather than through the companies themselves.  My Nails Inc bargain is an example of this.

A twitter friend of mine posted about getting seven Nails Inc polishes for £17 a couple of months back which was met by response of ‘Where?’.  Sadly I was too late, as the deal was only on for a day or two, but I subscribed to the website so that I would be notified when the deal was next on.

The deal at hand is 7 ‘random’ polishes from Nails Inc for £17, considering one polish alone is £12 this is a great deal. I also really like the fact that you don’t get to pick the polishes. I have found myself more than once spending forever in the nail polish aisle ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over different colours, and in the end I leave with nothing.  I can usually never make my mind up, of course I already own an excess amount of polishes therefore not helping the selection process.

Nails Inc took this tough decision away from me, it’s also exciting not knowing which colours you are going to get through the door. Obviously you do run the risk of receiving polishes that you do not like, but thankfully I was lucky with my selection.

1. Chester Street.
2.Great Tichfield Street.
3.Royal Opera Arcade – Nail Jewellery.
4. Franklins Row.
5.Richmond Terrace.
6.Gatwick – Matte Finish.
7.Roland Gardens.

I love that there was a matte finish polish and one of the glitter polishes in my order.  I have been wanting to try the Nails Inc glitter polishes for a while. As usual all the polishes are up to the Nails Inc standard and have great staying power.  If you fancy getting your hands on this deal next time around sign up for the Nails Inc newsletter.

Lauren’s Way Fake Tan at the SHABA Bloggers Event

I am beyond being late to the party with this one, so late that the cleaners have been and gone.  In fact, another party is already pouring the cocktails and tottering in their stilettos. That is how late I am, justifiably late due to working full-time but none-the-less late. 

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards Blogger’s event at the beautiful Private Members Club Number 29. The event was tan by INAA (I Need An Appointment) –

“The UK’s first online hair and beauty booking portal dedicated to making the booking of salon appointments simple and fast – 24/7.


For Consumers we offer a free to use, appointment booking service providing access to an ever increasing range of Salons in your local area that accept online bookings. The portal will show you the full range of special promotions available at those Salons, as well as details about the Salon and what services and products they offer”.

Lauren formerly star of the TV show The Only Way is Essex also made an appearance to promote her new beauty range, mainly focusing around her fake-tan line.  Not going to lie I was excited to see her in person, and adored the play-suit she was wearing. She looked gorgeous. 

However, although fashionably late the post is still relevant –this week it is sunny in Scotland (which for any foreign readers is as rare as the UK doing well in the Eurovision). Ouch! Painfully true though.  Us Scots don’t see much of the sun, but we do love a tan. Well, some of us do. We would love for it to a natural tan but that is never going to happen on this side of the Atlantic.  So we get our tan from a bottle. 

Again I’ll say some of us do, I don’t.  I’m the super pale goth girl. The token goth in a circle of friends some might say. I’ve also been referred to as Morticia on occasion. My vampire complexion and pasty legs are a fright for most people.  In your typical night club in Scotland I stick out like a sore thumb, like the living dead amongst bronze goddesses. 

Even next to naturally pale people (like Susan on the right) I am pale by comparison. When I was younger I did experiment with fake-tan, but after getting a spray tan for my 5th year prom I never used fake-tan again. It was horrible: I was orange, my dress was green, and my face was not impressed. I don’t even have any photo’s on facebook it was that bad. I’ve just had a  look for evidence since I thought I could give you all a laugh.  It would appear it is too tragic though. 

However when I was asked at the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards Blogger Event if I would like to try some of Lauren’s way fake-tan I was like ‘Ok then, convince me’. I felt my pale arm would work as a good canvas to show if the product really is any good.  

I opted to try the Instant Wash Off Glow, and I was actually really impressed.  I expected to hate it, but the tan actually looked quite natural.  Well, natural when you didn’t look at the corpse like arm next to it. But the best part is that it doesn’t smell like fake tan, not one hint of digestive biscuit. 


For an instant fix of beautiful tan – Essex style – try our Instant Wash Off Glow. 
This is a hydrating tinted lotion that provides a natural looking tan on the go, perfect for last minute parties! As a no fuss, no commitment product our Instant Wash Off Glow is so easy to remove – simply wash off with soap and water.
If I were to get back into the habit of wearing fake tan on a regular basic I would definitely use Lauren’s Way tanning products. 
I had a fantastic evening at the bloggers event and was happy to network with lots of bloggers who I have previously spoken to online but never met in person.  I am really looking forward to the next bloggers event.  Good luck to all the salons competing in the awards ceremony.

The Answer to My Sore Skin Woes, with Origins.

For the last three months…and ten year, I have been battling with Acne.  Over the years it has come and gone but the last year has seen a resurgence, that at times I just do not have the energy to battle.  I had almost thrown the towel in, and accepted that I will always have ‘ahem’ crap skin.  

I have been on anti-biotics for nearly three months, they have cleared up the particularly spotty area that I had on my chin, but I now have spots on my cheeks – an area which I have never been prone to spots. I can’t say if they have done the job or not, they have helped a little but the results are not what I expected from being medicated for three months.  The only thing left on the Doctors list is Roaccutane – a very powerful acne medication with notorious side-effects, I have been avoiding it since I were twelve.  Part of me wishes I had taken Roaccutane when I was younger, as now I am simply too scared.  I don’t have time for more side-effects, my under-active thyroid gives me enough of them to keep me occupied.

However, I may have found something that works for me.  Last week I was offered a facial from the ever glamorous Jen who works over at the Origins counter, next to me in work.  She had to practice for her test the next day and I got to get pampered on my lunch break – certainly a perk of working in the beauty department.  

My lunch break has never felt the same since.  A bland salad cannot compete with laying under a blanket, and having wonderful potions soothingly put on your face.  Jen done a fabulous job, my skin felt – I want to say how skin should feel. My skin felt like skin again, and not that achy dry pallet I apply make-up to. 

Before the facial I was consulted about my skin, so that the appropriate products which could benefit me were used.  This would be very beneficial for anyone who is unsure of their skin type, or does not where to start with a healthy skin care regime.

My current skin care regime revolves around whatever products I fancy using on that given day, mainly products from Lush.  I do love Lush skincare and other great brands, and I’m not saying anything negative in regards to them, but nothing has worked with such pace and effectiveness for my skin as the Mega Mushroom Collection by Dr Andrew Weils for Origins

At the time of my facial I had big red blotches (spots) on both my cheeks – they were inflamed and sore. Jen (being the star that she is) took note of my current problem and tailored my facial around Dr Weils which helps irritated skin.

The product that has wowed me the most is the Mega-mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask (when I heard mega-mushroom I made a bit of a face also).  I always take skin care with a pinch of salt, as I have learnt not to expect miracles when it comes to my skin, but I noticed a change in my skin within the first use.  Those red blotches shrunk and the redness was reduced.  After further usage they are almost gone.

Clinically proven to visibly reduce redness.After one use:
√ 92% of those tested agreed it helps uncomfortable, dry skin feel better. 

It is expensive though, coming in at £34.00.  Usually I wouldn’t spend that much on a face-mask because I can’t really afford to spend that much on one product but I whole heartedly recommend anyone with acne or blemishes to try this.

In the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing the Dr Weil’s collection more in depth, as it really deserves a post all of it’s own.

Origins at the moment are offering complimentary facials and I highly recommend all you beauty bloggers out there take advantage of it, because you could learn a lot about your skin type and your skin will feel gorgeous afterwards. If you are from Glasgow come to John Lewis, the Origins girls are all really nice – and then you can come chat to me afterwards, maybe buy some sunglasses ‘wink’. 

My new found love of Bobbi Brown is Pretty Powerful.

I currently work in John Lewis (Glasgow) in the beauty department, but sadly not on a beauty concession.  I flog sunglasses, which most days is a challenge considering the Scottish weather, but we are faring not too badly.  However, the lust I feel on a daily basis is even more of a challenge.  My sun-glass stands are directly in front of Clarins and Estee Lauder, a few steps away from Origins and the Bobbi Brown counter is in my direct eye-line. It’s a hard life. 

I could easily spend a small fortune in the beauty department of John Lewis, a couple of hundred pounds could be gone in the space of an hour,  trying to not succumb to my desires is soul destroying.  Well, soul destroying might be a little dramatic but it is gloomy. So is talking to nearly all your customers about where they are going on holiday. ‘So, are you going somewhere nice on holiday?’.  Oh, the smiles. 
The other week though, I was heading out for a friends birthday straight from work, and the lovely Emma at Bobbi Brown said she would do my make-up for me – saving me an epic battle with my eye-liner brush whilst on the bus.  I am sometimes wary of make-up artists because people all have different opinions about what looks good. However, Emma has a complexion like a porcelain doll and looks a bit like Bettie Page – that I can trust. 

Make-up by Bobbi Brown (Lipstick is Models Own).
Make-up By Me.
I have never seen my skin look so radiant, every time I look at this photo I am wowed by it.  Keep in mind I have rather bad/blemish stained skin. Look at the glow! I would usually frown at the use of an exclamation mark (it can be tacky) but this occasion calls for it. I love being pale, but I can’t deny that I am occasionally what one would call pasty rather than porcelain.  Having pale skin I find it is much harder to get that beautiful glow than those who have darker tones. Bronzer is an easy way to achieve a healthy glow, but it’s not my style.  The Brightening Finish Powder in Porcelain Pearl is a must have for pale girls. It was on my last wish list, and I will be buying it next pay day. And maybe a powder brush…
This all-over powder instantly illuminates and gives skin a healthy-looking glow. It’s infused with a skin-brightening blend of Mulberry, Grape and Scutellaria extracts, as well as Sodium Hyaluronate (beloved for its moisture magnet-like effect) to help keep skin fresh and smooth looking.
But my favourite thing is my eyebrows – Emma transformed my brows into amazing brows.  Anyone who knows me in real life will know of the eternal fight I’ve had over the years with my eyebrows – I have had a fair amount of mishaps, I can’t even bring myself to find photo’s. Having pretty eyebrows made me happy, I went around asking everyone if they liked my eyebrows (I’m currently using a furry leopard print bag as my work bag, they already know I’m a bit mad).  This mini transformation really highlighted to me the importance of having well shaped eyebrows, it really does change the whole shape of your face.  Fixing my eyebrows is on my ‘to do list for this year’ – maybe by the end of the year I will be able to make my own eyebrows that fabulous. 
The current Bobbi Brown Campaign is: BE PRETTY. BE CONFIDENT. BE WHO YOU ARE
I love this, having wrote my dissertation on the sexualisation of children and of having a deep understanding of how the media can mould people into being a certain way, this is a very powerful message. Yes, we all adore make-up, most of us wouldn’t be without it (I for one won’t leave the house without at least foundation on) but you still need to have confidence within yourself, about who you are and what you are all about. 
Bobbi believes that “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.”
I really urge everyone to go read up on Bobbi Brown, as a company they are wonderful.  Their whole philosophy is inspiring, especially for a beauty brand.   Obviously, I also urge you to go try some Bobbi Brown products for yourself, and then tell me about how wonderful they are.
Hydrating Eye Cream.
Foundation: Porcelain Stick.
Concealer: Eye Brightener: Light Brick.
Brows: Saddle.
Eyeshadow: Galaxy Cream Shadow (lower lid). Crease: Gunmetal.
Eyeliner: Black Gel Ink.
Brightening Finishing Powder: Porcelain Pearl.

Cats the Musical

This post is fantastically late, but I started my new job the week after the show and since then my head has been a bit mush with sunglasses chat.

For Valentines day my manfriend took me to see Cats The Musical at Edinburgh Playhouse. Cats been my favourite musical for years, my Dad bought me the video one Christmas and I have adored it since. Despite being a dog person, but I think if you are an animal lover in general you will love this.  I’m not sure if non animal lovers would ‘get’ the musical in quite the same way.  Obviously, the musical has political undertones and a deeper story runs through it more than simply cuddly tabby cats, but it also emphasises the respect animals deserve as individuals.

This was the first time I had ever seen the production live, since I missed it the last time it came to Glasgow due to having no one to go with and then shortly after it was cut from the west-end.  I have probably been waiting around ten years to see the show live, that is almost half my lifetime.  My manfriends Mum has actually seen the original production which fills me with great envy, Rum Tum Tugger was originally played by the actor that plays Christian in Eastenders – there’s a wee fact for you. That is obviously not why I’m envious but, you know.

Christian as a Cat

The production at Edinburgh Playhouse, however, was wonderful, even minus Christian from Eastenders. But, anyone who says they don’t fancy Rum Tum Tuggers wee toosh is a liar. Yes, I fancy a man dressed as a cat – and what?  He’s a damn sexy cat.

The singing and dancing was to the highest of standards as expected, and I was left feeling very un-flexible. The things those ballet dancers can do with their legs is amazing, I struggled to walk back to the hotel in my wedges without falling on my arse – graceful as ever.

Sadly I couldn’t take any photo’s during the show due to the rules in place, but aesthetically the show is beautiful to watch.  If you haven’t seen it you should grab a copy on DVD.  Matt, wasn’t terribly excited about watching a bunch of people dressed up as cats singing and dancing – I even had to lie and tell him that there was some dialogue, and it was not all singing. But he fairly enjoyed it – if my rugby playing manfriend can enjoy it so can you.

If you are a die-hard fan like me you should read TS Elliott’s Book of Practical Cats which is the poetry book which the musical is based upon.  It is such a delightful little book, the kind of book you can imagine reading to your future kids, or kittens.

Why you should invest in luxury sunglasses & a wish list.

I have never been someone who lusted over sunglasses, I’m much more of a handbags and shoes kind of girl.  Many friends of mine would cut off a hand for a pair of Ray-bans, but I’ve always been more drawn towards a £2.00 pair from Primark, that can then be thrown to the bottom of my handbag. Or used to keep my hair off my face whilst I apply my factor 50.

£2.00 Primark Numbers

However recently I started a new job working for Luxottica the company that own Ray-Ban and Oakley.  I am situated in John lewis (Glasgow) as a concession, which has caused much confusion so far – trying to explain to customers, without sounding rude, that I don’t work for John Lewis. If you’re from Glasgow you should pop in, we don’t have all stock out at the moment due to issues with the glass display cabinet we were sent – it has no shelves…yeah.  But, if you ask nicely I’ll get the Prada and Tom Ford out the drawer. It is also cool that you laugh at my irony of having to sell sunglasses whilst it is snowing outside. My fingers are crossed for sunny weather soon, or at least no snow.

One of the first questions I asked when starting the job was ‘What is the difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses?’.  I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to convince someone to spend £80> on a pair of sunglasses when I myself was not convinced that there was any difference.

On close inspection though you can tell the difference.  The first difference is the weight of the glasses, expensive sunglasses are made from a hard plastic called acetate, which is very durable.  People always say ‘I’d end up breaking them’, expensive sunglasses are much harder to break than cheap ones. Sunglasses in some ways are similar to umbrella’s – we all know how rubbish cheap umbrella’s are and how a more expensive one will get you through the winter…it is still a grudge though.

I’ve also heard a lot of people saying ‘I’d end up sitting on them‘.  However, usually when we buy a luxury product whether it be jewellery or make-up we look after it more than we would a less expensive item.  You aren’t likely to sit on your sunglasses if you put them back in their case – which you are likely to do.

The glass in the lenses is also offers a higher level of protection for your eyes. Although less expensive glasses do meet the criteria needed, they often just pass the required level of protection.  An expensive pair (more so Ray-ban and Oakley) will protect your eyes from rays, polarised glasses are especially good for driving as they reduce glare.   I have a fantastic app on the work I-pad that demonstrates this.  I also have a fabulous Ray-ban app that takes your photo – so if you fancy doing a sunglasses post give me a shout.

The lenses are also highly scratch resistant, this is the aspect that has surprised me the most. Most of the glasses are merchandised on self-selecting spinners and they do have a tendency to occasionally fall off, but no scratches.  This in itself has convinced me that making an investment in a luxury pair of sunglasses is the way forward. Now, someone needs to make a phone screen that is as scratch resistant.

In the last couple of weeks I have tried on most of the glasses, as have my work mates.  We all have a favourite pair.  My favourite pair happen to be one of the most expensive at £ me to pick the  expensive ones. We are due to get a lot more stock in, and more brands such as Michael Kors and Tiffany’s, I am rather excited.  But, I will leave you will some of my current favourites to ‘ohh’ over.

Gucci – GG3548/Havana Sunglasses – £220.

These are the pair that suit me the most, different types of sunglasses suit different face shapes. I suit big frames that cover my eyebrows.  I wish aviators and wayfarer suited me, but alas they don’t. It doesn’t stop me trying them on though.

Ralph – RA5031 – £108.

I love the turquoise on the inside of this pair, they do not suit me in the slightest but they are still one of my favourite pairs.  So far they have been very popular with customers and staff. 

Prada – PR080S – £215

A pair of classic glamour shades.  I would have never went for brown frames before I started this job. I find that black frames can be a little harsh against my pale complexion. The tortoiseshell frame actually suits most complexions  especially blondes. 

Prada – PR04PS – £320

We sadly do not have these beauties in store yet but we have the brown and orange version, which have attracted a lot of attention. I think every member of the beauty department has had a shot of them, very Dame Edna, but fabulous at the same time. 

Ray-ban – RB3025 55 Aviator – £125.00

The photo of these does not do them justice. They are part of Ray-bans celebration collection of the aviator, the frames and lenses come in a range of colours, but most notably green, pink and blue lenses. The green is actually a Ray-ban trademark but in person the green is a lot more noticeable.

All glasses can be found at: and

or you can come visit me at John Lewis, Glasgow.

Cinderella was crazy to leave her shoe.

I love shoes, I am sure you love shoes too, so I thought I would share some of my favourite shoes with you all, and some advice on the retailers that I buy most of my shoes from.  Sometimes it is easier to get good shoe deals online so it is handy to know what to expect in regards to sizes, and it is always nice to look at pretty shoes. 
  • Office Shoes
  • Gold and black flock print wedges.  Wedges support the feet and make walking very comfortable.  If you work in retail you should wear shoes with a wedge to support your feet, rather than flat shoes that offer no support. 
  • £10 in the sale. The Office Christmas sale is always amazing, you should subscribe to the website.
  • 5/5 for comfort
  • 5/5 for walk-ability
  • I managed to walk about London after a good couple of drinks in these shoes, navigate the  underground, and go the whole night without swapping to flats or falling flat on my face.

  • Primark.
  • Multi-glitter peeptoe courts, in general I am not a fan of peeptoe shoes because I always wear tights but I couldn’t resist the glitter.  Primark shoes aren’t the best and tend to be hard on the feet, but I don’t see me wearing them all that often.
  • £8 in the sale – they were £8 and a size 3 so I had to have them.
  • 2/5 for comfort.
  • 3/5 for walk-ability.
  • Not the most comfortable of shoes but were easier to walk in after a couple of drinks. The kind of shoe that needs broken in, and they look a lot less cheap once on your feet.

  • New Look.
  • I have never had any issue with New Look heels, I find they tend to be good value and moderately comfortable if you get the right size.  These are a little bit too big for me so I need to wear a insole with them to stop my feet from slipping. 
  • Cant recall but under £30.
  • 4/5 for comfort.
  • 5/5 for walk-ability.
  • I’ve had these shoes for a couple of year now and they are amazing to jazz up a black outfit with, the medium heel makes them fairly easy to walk in – I’ve managed to walk up to Stirling Castle and back after a night out in them, including cobble stones.  It is always good to have a jazzy pair of medium height heels on standby. 

  • Office Shoes.
  • I have such lust for these shoes, they are black velvet and stiletto – two of my favourite things.  However, they are the most difficult shoes to walk in.  I can’t fault Office for this though, I just don’t have strong enough ankles.  The shoes themselves are beautifully made and designed though.  Would be great to wear somewhere that you didn’t need to walk very much – like in a restaurant with no stairs. 
  • Another bargain from the Office sale – around £50.  Well, maybe not a bargain. 
  • Comfort – 2/5
  • Walk-ability – 0/5
  • I simply cannot walk in these shoes, I adore them but I cannot walk in them.  They are deceptively high, I thought they were the same height as the leopard print shown below but they are a lot higher.  Unless you have extremely strong ankles you are going to fall over – I did. 

  • Custom shoes by my best-friend Susan.
  • Susan decorated these shoes for my birthday.  I have been lusting after a pair of green glitter shoes for years but was never completely sold on bordello’s due to the price of them and I have been told they are not very comfortable . They are so beautiful, and I am greatly to my talented friend for making them for me.
  • I haven’t wore them outside but they seem fairly comfy but I’m not going to be able to hike up to a castle in them for sure. 

  • Office Shoes. 
  • Unlike the black velvet pair these are very comfy and easier to walk in as they are just slightly less high. These are my going out shoes and they have seen quite a few nights outs and the bottom of my handbag many a time, they are still in great condition and I see them lasting me a long time.  Thankfully, because these are signature shoes. 
  • From the Office sale again – around £30.
  • Comfort 4/5.
  • Walk- ability – 4/5.
  • For stilettos these are actually really comfy and quite easy to walk in because the strap holds your feet in place. If you are someone who struggles to walk in heels you should try getting a shoe with a strap, it makes things a little easier, and it is good if you are someone who is between sizes.  I do tend to just wear them inside the club rather than outside though, because I don’t wish to fall from that height. 

  • Iron Fist – Sugar Hiccup Shoes.
  • Pink suede with sequinned sugar skull design, girly yet gothic shoes. Iron Fist shoes are tiny made and really quite narrow.  I am a size 3 but usually need an insole and these shoes are tight on me. I recommend going up a size in Iron Fist shoes.  I would also recommend wearing tights with them until you have broken them in.
  • A gift.
  • Comfort – 3/5.
  • Walk-ability – 3/5.
  •   I think once these have been broken in more they will be comfier but because of the squeeze at the moment they’re a bit ouchy. 

Now I would like to see some of your shoe porn – what are you favourite pair of shoes and why?  Stiletto girl or do you prefer some fabulous flats? I’d also like to say before I go that I adore my converse and my bear paw boots – they get wore a lot more than any of the shoes above.  I wish I had the kind of lifestyle that permitted me to wear stilettos every day and not fear for my life crossing a busy road – a chauffeur driven lifestyle is what I need.

I Think I Read a Little Too Much

I got a Kindle for Christmas and I have been unemployed since Christmas Eve,that has resulted in me reading a lot, perhaps too much.  Writing this post I said to myself  -‘get a life’, but I like the escape from life that books provide and I could sure do a lot worse than read too much.  When I am employed I really miss being able to read all day, so I am taking advantage of the unemployment and reading while I can. Here is a run down of Januaries books, all which are available on Amazon.

1. Mya, Beyond Saddleworth by Jean Rafferty.

I was introduced to this book at Wigtown Book Festival when I went to hear the author Jean Rafferty discuss the controversial book.  The book is fiction based on the conspiracy of Hindley being let out of Saddleworth with a new identity but what makes the book even more interesting is that Rafferty has been in correspondence with Brady.  I am very interested in serial killers from a psychological point of view, so that news did not startle me as much as it will some people.  You need to read this book with an open mind and without too much judgement, parts of the book are hard to read but the book brings new questions about Hindley and Brady to the forefront.

2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A classic book, which I am sad took me so long to get round to reading.  It would be a great book to study which I am sure anyone who has will agree with.  I look forward to the film this summer. It is a good introduction to Fitzgerald’s writing style.

3. Peter Pan and Wendy by J.M Barrie.

I have loved the story of Peter Pan for many a year and never got round to reading the book, if you love the Disney film then definitely read the book.  Psychologically you get to understand Peter a lot more.

4.  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I love mysteries and crime novels, and yet I had never read any Holmes which in itself is a crime really.  I absolutely adored this book, so much so that I visited Baker Street on my recent visit to London.  This is a great book to start on a Sherlock Holmes adventure and because it is made up of short stories it will suit those that are not heavy readers.  I would happily go back and read this book again.  My favourite short story is The Adventure of the Speckled Band.

5.  A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle.

I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as The Adventure’s of… I found it a little hard to follow at times but it is still a decent book and my difficulty in following the story might have been because I read it on the train to London.

6.  Public Enemies: Al Capone, John Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, and Baby Face Nelson by Charles Rivers Editors.

After watching Boardwalk Empire I was drawn to this book. When I was younger I read a book about Capone and I’ve been interested ever since.  This gives a good overview of the prominent gangsters without droning on too much about uninteresting facts.

7.  King Henry’s Wives – History in an Hour by Julie Wheeler.

I cannot wait to read more of the ‘History in an Hour’ series, I love history but there is nothing worse than a boring history book.  Sometimes you just want to know the vital facts, these books provide this.  I knew a little about Henry VIII’s Wives but if you were to ask me in a quiz I probably wouldn’t have known the answer.  I now feel more knowledgeable on this topic, and in an hour – can’t complain.

8.  Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I actually preferred this series of short stories to The Great Gatsby, it gives more of an insight into Fitzgerald’s personality through the eight short stories. My favourite is Bernice Bobs Her Hair but the most memorable is The Offshore Pirate.

9.  The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This is the second Sherlock Holmes novel and as great as it is it is very complex, so I am shouting out to Wiki for some help: “The Sign of the Four has a complex plot involving service in East India Company, India, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a stolentreasure, and a secret pact among four convicts (“the Four” of the title) and two corrupt prison guards. It presents the detective’s drug habit and humanizes him in a way that had not been done in A Study in Scarlet. It also introduces Doctor Watson‘s future wife, Mary Morstan.

10.  I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk.

When it comes to reading I like a good mix of books, and every so often I like a bit of good old girly fiction. Lindsey Kelk books are my girly fiction, I’ve read the others in this series too: I Heart Hollywood, I Heart LA, I Heart Paris, and I Heart Vegas.  The stories follow Angela a ditzy journalist who fled the country after she found her fiancée cheating on her.  As a journalism graduate it gives me some hope that even us flakes can be successful, even if we fall over a lot in the process.

11. The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde.

This is such an amazing short story where Wilde takes a whole new take on the traditional ghost story. It doesn’t take too long to read either, so even more reason to pick it up.
12. Shoot the Damn Dog by Sally Brampton.
Anyone who has suffered at the hands of depression or knows someone who is battling with it should read this book. Brampton’s account is realistic and portrays the ridiculousness thought patterns that come with depression and the inability to cope with them.  I have read other memoirs of depression such as Prozac Nation and Girl Interrupted but the Britishness of Shoot the Damn Dog makes it easier to relate to. It cuts no corners in its approach and brings inspiration to a dark place. 

13.  The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson.

I went to hear Jon Ronson speak at Wigtown Book Festival and I have been wanting to read his books ever since, very interesting man. His work is a little like Louis Theroux’s but more down to earth.  At Wigtown he said that he does not look down on his subjects but instead finds common ground with them so that they open up.  I enjoy this style of journalism, as it does not bully the people at hand but shows all their interesting points in a way that does not mock them.  The Psychopath Test follows Ronson’s investigation into what exactly constitutes being a psychopath, and is a must read for anyone with an interest in mental health.