UPDATE: Flying with Prescription Medicine

After all my worries regarding flying to Australia with medication (see  part 1) it turns out there was actually nothing to worry about. So I packed my prescription and my medication, into my   hand luggage, and all was good. There were no questions asked by customs at Glasgow, Dubai, Singapore or Brisbane. I decided [...]


Travelling to Oz with Prescription Medicine

It became clear, quickly, whilst researching the above topic for my travels,to Australia from the UK,that there isn't simply just one site that gives you clear concise information on the rules of travelling with prescription medicine. I have been on UK government websites, Australian Government websites, Yahoo Answers, online forums, and everything else outside this [...]

The Libertine – Citizens Theatre – Glasgow

Something a bit different for a Saturday night, eh? I've reached that age (old at 23) that I can't always be bothered getting my glad rags on and staying out to three in the morning at the weekends. Granted that I work most Saturday's to 7 o'clock (which leaves six hours between finishing work and [...]

The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Glamorous Amorous Tour – Edinburgh Fringe

Attempting to start this post without opening with a line like 'rock out with your cock not out' has been hard. It's difficult beating around the bush and not going balls deep to the glaring question everyone want's to know. So, what the hell, let's start with talk of men dressed as women.   Putting [...]

Elemis Skin Lab

It is all good and well having a sales assistant tell you what your skin needs, or what could possible help your skin with whatever problems it might be facing.  I personally feel a cup of tea can solve any problem faced, but if my acne ridden skin could speak for itself it would tell [...]